Posted on: November 6, 2010 10:35 am

Strike while the iron is hot!

I think we as Bulls fans are starting to see a pattern here. Rose leaves the game to rest and C.J. Watson comes in and we go from either winning or close to it, to losing by 10+ within minutes. The Bulls need two things outside of a healthy Carlos Boozer to make them a real contender.

1. A play-making back up Point Guard. Not a scorer that makes bad choices with the ball like Watson. We need Lindsey Hunter from 5 years ago or something along that lines. Losing Kirk Hinrich is proving to be a much bigger hit to this team then most thought.

2. We need a starting Shooting Guard that can score and defend. In short we need a real starting shooting guard. Brewer looks far from a starter as does Bogans. both are good defenders, but look lost on offense. Korver is an average defender at best and most SG can blow past him, so he is better as a small forward anyways.

We can solve both issues with that one trade we were talking about.

Andre Iguodala for Luol Deng.

Yes, I understand that we have been down this road before, but the Bulls are going to have to address their backcourt woes even with Boozer healthy at some point. Also, the 76ers are off to a really bad start and I bet that they will be a bottom feeder team come the deadline so the Bulls should strike while the iron is hot. First let Boozer come back and get used to the system, but if the Bulls troubles at the guard positions are still glaring them they need to make this trade. 

Here are a few trade options that could get the deal done.

Luol Deng and 1 rounder for Iggy.


Luol Deng, Omer Asik, and a 2nd rounder for Iggy.


Luol Deng, Keith Bogans, and a 2nd rounder (after dec 15th)

Let the 76ers pick from either a late first rounder or Omer Asik and they would get Deng either way.

Iggy would give the Bulls a player that can score and defend from the two guard and above all he can make plays and run the offense. The Bulls could make sure that either Rose or Iggy are on the for at all times. I would think this would put an end to the scoring droughts. I know what you are thinking. What about filling the hole left by Luol Deng? Sure that is not an easy task, but I think we could simply start Korver and have him split minutes with James Johnson. Give Johnson some minutes out there for some defense and Korver for scoring.

Compare rosters and you tell me which one is a true contender.

Rose, Bogans, Deng, Boozer, Noah, with Korver, Gibson, and Asik seeing about 20 or more minutes.


Rose, Iguadala, Korver, Boozer, Noah, with Brewer/Bogans, Johnson, Gibson, and perhaps Asik seeing about 20 or more mintues. 

I think the second squad is clearly better. The Bulls would have 4 allstar level players as starters in Rose, Iggy, Boozer, and Noah, with Gibson coming off the bench. korver would simply be out there to spread the floor and nail 2 or 3 3-pointers a night. I like it.

Posted on: October 29, 2010 1:41 pm

3-Way Trade. Bulls land Carmelo?

Here is a 3-way trade I was considering that would include the Nuggets, Bulls, and 76ers. There have been a few rumors that the 76ers wanted to swap Andre Iguodala for Luol Deng recently. I am not sure how true these rumors are, but they are just rumors. I am not certain this is a great idea for the Bulls as Luol, if healthy, is a great fit. Iggy is a better defender and a better slasher, but not by much and Deng is a better shooter and is now nailing threes. However, Carmelo if Carmelo wants to play for a bigger market and with a better cast then the Bulls might be a great option. I lineup of Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah, would have to be a contender right? So I ran this trade on ESPN's Trade machine and it works. What do you think?

Bulls get: Carmelo Anthony

Nuggets get: Andre Iguodala, Taj Gibson, James Johnson, and Bulls future 1st round pick.

76ers get: Luol Deng

would land a top 10 player and a superstar that would have to sign an extension for the deal to go through and the Bulls would beome a powerhouse.

Nuggets would land a star shooting guard to ease the pain of losing Melo and a nice young double double machine power forward in Taj Gibson. James Johnson is a raw talent that in time could become a solid player. The 1st rounder from the Bulls would be in the mid to upper 20s but still it is a pick.

76ers would get the player they wanted and only lose the player they were willing to give up.


Posted on: May 4, 2010 11:22 am

Who Should the Bulls Hire this Time?

      Well what we all knew was going to happen has happened. Vinny Del Negro has been fired and the young Bulls are at a crossroads. They have a young and talented one-two punch in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and a nice core or role-players in Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, and James Johnson. They have the money to sign a max contract player like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh and a MLE player as well. They could go from an average team to an elite team this summer and picking the correct Head Coach this time around is very important. Here is a look at a few of the names being mentioned on the national stage as well as a couple I have heard mentioned on Chicago radio.

Doug Collins.
Collins has 8 years of head coaching experience and is known as a players coach which might be fine for this Bulls team because they are a very mature group and self-motivated. Doug has a head coaching record of 332-287, but it should be noted that most of those wins came with a player named Michael Jordan playing in his early days. He is a smart guy and a veteran player that players will respect. Free agents will likely want to play for him as well as he is not known to be a screamer. The big issue with collins is that it is likely he will only coach for 2 seasons and no more then 3 as he is known to get a bit bored.

Byron Scott. Scott was a solid player in the NBA and has three rings on his fingers from his years with the Lakers in the 80s to prove it. As a coach he brought the Nets to the NBA finals twice only to lose both times. He is known to lose respect from his players after time and that could pose and issue as the Bulls need a longterm solution, not a 2 or 3 year firestorm coach like Scott Skiles proved to be with the Bulls. Still Scott is an interesting choice and has plenty of head coahing experience, but it is said he want to take over for Phil Jackson if and when he retires.

Lawrence Frank. He was the head coach of the Nets for 7 years and made the playoffs 4 times with those teams that included Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. Oddly those were good teams that never made it to the eastern conference finals once even though they had the talent. I think Frank is an average to above average coach at best and is not the type of hiring that will draw in a big free agent. His record of 225-241 leaves a lot to be desired.

Kevin Mchale. This is a joke right? I keep hearing this name and it make no sense to me. Sure Mchale is in my top 5 power forwards all time, but he was a poor GM and a bad coach as well. 38-105 coaching record is not only really really bad, but it proves that he does not even have that much experience as a coach and the Bulls need a coach that has been a head coach for a while to push them to the next level and Mchale simple is not the correct fit.

Maurice Cheeks. A former point guard and a Chicago native Cheeks looks like a good choice. His coahing record is not that great but he did not have the best teams to work with to be honest. Portland was a team full of selfish thugs at the time and I do not understand how he put up with those teams, and while the 76ers had some talent they just never had enough to compete. I would be happy if the Bulls picked him and gave him a chance with a real team that is both young and hungry.

John Calipari. This angle is simple. Land LeBron James. James and Calipari are well-known friends and if the Bulls were to hire Calipari it would signal a signing of LeBron James. I am not a huge fan of LeBron the person, but as a player he is clearly the best in the league and if a coach hiring can land the big fish of this free agent class then I am for it. Sure there are all those scandles in the NCAA but this is the NBA and this league is about making money and Calipari might fit in nicely, however if the Bulls sign his and do not get LBJ then I would not be happy.

Jeff Van Gundy. To me he would be the perfect hire. He has a ton of experience and is a very smart coach that is still young enough to stick around for a while if things work out. The isuue is weather or not he wants to coach agian. If so the Bulls should go after him asap. He is a very good defensive coach and that would fit well with the Bulls young core of defensive minded players. If Gundy wants to coach a team that will not make him pull the rest of his hair out then the Bulls are a good fit as they always give effort on both ends. Another big issue would be a realationship between John Paxson and Van Gundy as Jeff has made comments recently about the Bulls brass. I say fire Gar Forman and John Paxson and hire Doug Collins to be the new GM and Van Gundy to be coach. Wake up Cliff, wake up.

So which of these seven candidatesfit the needs of the Bulls best and why? 
Posted on: August 14, 2009 11:13 pm

Top 5 Most Unpredictable Teams

     While trying to work on another Blog about my thoughts on the top 10 teams going into the season I quickly started thinking about how some teams going into this season are so hard to figure out. On one hand these teams could be quite good if not great but at the same time I would not be shocked if they laid an egg this season. So I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 unpredictable teams going into the new season and get your feedback. Every season seems to have those teams that make you scatch your head and I thought it might be an interesting topic. So let us take a look.

1. Wizards.
To me this is a team that can go so many ways. If healthy this team could not only make the playoffs after having a season in which they won only 19 games, but could potentially knock off a contender in the playoffs like the Celtics, Magic, or Cavaliers. If Gilbert Arenas is back like all reports are saying then the Wizards could pick up right where they left off a few seasons ago. The additions of Mike Miller and Randy Foye give this team depth and if Caron Butler plays anything like he was to close out the season then the Wizards will have a great big 3 with Butler, Arenas, and Jamison. On the other hand Arenas or Butler could reinjure themselves and this team could be a bottom feeder again. Worst-case: 25 wins. Best-case: 55 wins.

2. Raptors. Well they managed to only win 33 games last season but finished pretty strong. Overall they underachieved on a grand scale. I thought with Bosh, Marion, and Calderon that they were going to be a top 5 team in the east last season but I was way wrong and so were many others. Now Marion is gone but they have replaced him with the sharp shooting and versatile Hedo Turkoglu. In many ways Turk is the anti-Marion. Turk is not a good defender and relies strongly on his offensive game. This might be an issue as Chris Bosh is not an outstanding defender and the Raptors really have nobody to defend the post very well. With all of that said however this team have a lot of talent. Andrea Bargnani is starting to come into his own and this team should be able to put up some points. Worst-case: 30 wins. Best-case: 50 wins.

3. Bulls. This is my own team and I am not sure what to expect. I have seen a lot of different opinions on the Bulls on these boards so far this summer and the only thing I can gather is that nobody knows what they will do this season. The Bulls lost Ben Gordon who some think was the Bulls best player and that the Bulls will have trouble to score and will miss the playoffs. Other stand by the notion of addition by subtraction and that BG hurt the Bulls flow on offense and the growth of Derrick Rose. I lean towards the later. Maybe it is because I am a Bulls fan. I think John Salmons at the shooting guard spot with Hinrich as the third guard just makes the Bulls bigger and better on defense. If Luol Deng is healthy and can return to his 18 and 8 ways then things could be good in Chicago. Worst-case: 32 wins. Best-case: 48 wins

4. Grizzlies. This team can only get better right? I do not know. I think O.J. Mayo is a great player in the making and Marc Gasol is a stud. Rudy Gay is a solid go to guy and if Zach Randolph pans out then this team could steal a few games. Will they make it to the playoffs in the west? No chance. Could they be a .500 team? Maybe. The real issue is that this team is so young but they added a 20 and 10 player to score in the paint and draw doubles. They have shooters to create an inside out game.The X-factor has to be Hasheem Thabeet. I do not think much of him but I could be wrong. If he can grab rebounds and block shots then this team might have a bright future. Worst-case: 26 wins. Best-case: 41 wins

5. 76ers.
What a kick to the crotch it was to Philadelphia when Elton Brand went out with an injury. Many had the 76ers as the 3rd best team in the east going into last season. On paper they were great. They were young and up and coming. Elton Brand was that final part that would make the 76ers a contender for the first time since Larry Brown was coach. Well it is time to take 2 on this team except this time they do not have the savvy Andre Miller running the offense so that could be an issue. This team does have some depth and Thaddeus Young is looking like the real deal. Now if only Iggy could reach that next level that we all thought he would. Worst-case: 37 Wins. Best-case: 50 wins

Honorable Mentions: Warriors, Pistons, Mavericks, and Hornets.

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Posted on: April 16, 2009 7:33 pm

Predicting the First Round.

 Well one part of the season is over and another is about to begin. The regular season came to an end last night and we now know exactly what the first round matchups will be. So let us take a gander at each match up and make some predictions.

Here we go:

Cavaliers vs Pistons. Cleveland in 5. The Pistons have been just this bad lately. Who in their right mind would have thought this would be a first round matchup at the begining of the season. What a long and strange season for the Pistons? The Cavaliers almost beat the 76ers without LeBron James, Big Z, or Mo Williams playing. This team is deeper then they look on paper.

Celtics vs Bulls. Boston in 6. If John Salmons plays great and Kevin Garnett doesn't play or does not play well then the Bulls could take this to 7 games, but if KG plays well then the Bulls will lose in 5. I am just betting on something in th middle. Watch Derrick Rose play Against Rajon Rondo. Rose is great but he struggles against athletic scoring point guards like Rondo. I think Rondo has the advantage and that hurts the Bulls badly.

Magic vs 76ers. Orlando in 6. The 76ers are balanced and I think that Miller is still a top 5 point guard. He is in many ways like an older more savvy Derrick Rose. In the end the 76ers like many other teams have no answer for Dwight Howard and even with the loss of Nelson I still think the Magic will pull this won out.

Hawks vs Heat. Atlanta in 7. This is a hard one. Dwyade Wade could will the Heat to victory, but I just think the Hawks match-up to well with the Heat. Joe Johnson is a stud, and while not is good as Wade, he is still a top 10 shooting guard in the league. The Heat just do not have answers for Bibby or Smith and that will be key.

Lakers vs Jazz. Los Angeles in 5. As much as a like Jerry Sloan and the Jazz I can not see them putting up much of a fight against the lakers. jazz will win one at home and maybe two games, but Kobe Bryant and the rest of the balanced Lakers will pick them apart. Also, the Jazz are by far the coldest team entering the playoffs.

Nuggets vs Hornets. Nuggets in 6. Wow. This is another crazy 1st round matchup in that the Hornets are the 7th seed when many had them as the 2nd or 3rd seed when the season began. The Hornets are just not the team they were last season when they seemed to have a lot more passion. Chris Paul vs Chauncey Billups has to be the best first round player vs player matchup. Their play will determine the outcome of this series. I also think Denver is a hard place to win at on the road and the Nuggets are deep.

Spurs vs Mavericks. San Antonio in 7. This will be an interseting matchup. The older playoff-wise and steady Spurs vs the faster paced talented Mavericks. I simply just have to go with experience on this one. Tim Duncan will slowly and methodically break down the Mavericks. He is still the best power forward in the NBA and Tony Parker could have his way driving to the rim. Should be a fun series to watch.

Trail Blazers vs Rockets. Portland in 6. I am sorry but any team with Tracy McGrady on it can not advance in the playoffs. Joking aside, I really am a huge fan of the young team that the Blazers have put together. Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge are one of the top inside out combos in the league and I just think the Rockets are tired if the Rockets never could get out of the first round before then why should anyone be fooled into thinking they can now. Also, Ron Artest is really not at all the player he was just a couple years ago. 

Posted on: April 12, 2009 12:45 pm

Heading into playoffs. Who's hot and who's not?

      OK, The playoffs are almost here and we now know which teams will be playing and which teams will watching. It was a mad race there for a while but this season we will avoid the drama of a final regular season game determining if a team makes the playoffs or not. One of the more important things for a team going into the playoffs is if they are hot or not. Going into the postseason on a winning streak is always a good thing. Confidence is high and the team is usually firing on all cylinders. So let us look at the teams that are really hot right now and the teams that are just crawling into the playoffs.

 Top 5 hottest teams in order going into the playoffs:

1. Portland Trail Blazers. Portland has won 8 of their last ten games. The combo of Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge is turning into a top notch combo and the Blazers have won against some good teams down the stretch including: the Lakers, The Spurs, and the Jazz. This team is young but are well coached and could very well end up giving the Lakers a fit come playoff time.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers. They are winners of 8 of their last ten and look to end the season with the best record in the league. LeBron James should be crowned MVP for leading his team to this point. This aside the Cavs have been great except for the beating they took from the Magic. The truth is the Cavs have been hot all season and they just continue to pick apart other teams. Is there any way this team does not make it to the ECF? A first round matchup against the Pistons could prove to be interesting, but i think the Cavaliers have moved past the Pistons in just about every way. 

3. Boston Celtics. The Celtics are have won 9 of their last ten without Keven Garnett and look to be in top shape going into the post season. If KG can return and play at 75% then the Celtics are going to be a scary team to play. The one problem is is that all these wins came against average to poor teams so not a whole lot of value can be put into these wins. The only top end team they played was the magic and they lost that game. Like I said a healthy KG will determine how far they get in the playoffs.

 4. Denver Nuggets. They have won 8 of their last ten and Chauncey Billups and company seem to be flying under the radar. They are white hot right now and are quite balanced so they can cause a lot of match up problems. Now if they only still had Marcus Camby. I can not wait to see this team in action in the playoffs. Denver is always a hard place for other teams to win and the crowd is always electric. The Nuggets are finishing out the season like they have purpose.

5. Chicago Bulls. Also winners of 8 of their last ten the Bulls have pushed themselves ahead of the Pistons for the 7th seed and the 6th and even 5th seed are still possible. The Bulls have been a different team since the trade for John Salmons, Brad Miller, and Tim Thomas and Derrick Rose has continued to put on shows every night. he is going to be the key for the Bulls come playoff time. If Rose can stay composed then the Bulls could pull off a shocker.

Top 5 coldest teams going into the playoffs.

1. Utah Jazz. They have lost 7 of their last ten. After a great run to get themselves into the playoffs this team seems to be falling apart. Will they be able to stand a chance in the 1st round or will they keep playing slop ball? I think this team is in real trouble.

2. Philadelphia 76ers. Lost 6 of their last ten. Not to long ago they held the 5th seed and a nice matchup against the Hawks in the first round. Now they are in the 6th seed and face the Magic. They could very well continue to slip as far as the 8th seed.

3. New Orleans Hornets. They have lost 6 of their last ten and they seem to lack the chemistry that made them such a threat last season. Chris Paul can not lead this team all by himself that far.

4. Miami Heat. They have lost 6 of their last ten and seem to just be flat tired. Dwyane Wade can carry this team to a couple of wins in the post season all by himself, but without help this team could be one and done. As long as they keep the 5th seed and play the Hawks then there will be hope for the second round.

5. Detroit Pistons. They are 5 for 5 in their last ten but have lost against some bad teams and are now 1 game behind the Bulls. A key game on Monday vs the Bulls could trun their furtunes around.



Posted on: March 31, 2009 9:58 pm

Is Tyrus Thomas figuring it out?

     Well the Bulls just blew a tight lead to the Pacers and have only 6 games left this season. Two big games still are on the schedule. One versus the Pistons on the Road and one versus the Bobcats at home. A loss to the bobcats could spell out "no playoffs" for the Bulls, but a win against the Pistons could mean the 7th seed. Anyways, besides John Salmons lighting it up for the Bulls, I have really noticed that Tyrus Thomas is becoming a very solid player. It is almost like a lightbulb came on, even though it is only a 25 watt bulb, and I think we are starting to see what kind of player he will become. Let us look at his play for the last two months (28 games).

 Here are his totals for the last 28 games:

375 points, 224 rebounds, 58 blocks, 35 steals, and 31 assists.

What does that break down to?

13.4 ppg, 8 rpg, 2.1 bpg, 1.25 spg, 1.1 apg, while shooting .474 from the floor.

     So a question must be asked. Is this the best we are going to see or is the sky the limit? You can always reply that the answer is somewhere in the middle. Tyrus has always looked a bit lost on the floor but he looks much better as of late, so I am wondering if he is slowing coming into his own. As a Bulls fan I of course want to see him become a star in this league. He surely has the talent and athletic ability to be a monster on defense and a great rebounder. He also has started to show he can hit the 15 to 17 footer pretty well. Now if he can learn a few moves down low then I think he could be a star in this league. I think it all falls on him though. Will he grow up any more? Will he run the floor with passion? Will he give it his all? Will we have to wait until his contract season to see how hard he can play?

There are a lot of questions and tyrus has all the answers. There are many moments lately when he just does something amazing and I get this little butterfly in my stomach thinking that he just might turn into something great, but as a Bulls fan I know not to get to excited.

Well since I got you here, here are my predictions for the rest of the Bulls season:


  1. At Pacers. 101-96 Bulls lose.
  2. Home vs Nets. 98-94 Bulls win.
  3. Home vs Knicks. 107-101 Bulls win.
  4. Home vs 76ers. 97-92 Bulls win.
  5. Home vs Bobcats. 99-97 Bulls lose.
  6. At Pistons. 102-95 Bulls lose.
  7. Home vs Raptors. Bulls win.

Bulls end season with a record of 40 and 42 and land the 8th seed. They play the Cavaliers in the first round and lose in 5 games stealing a win at home in game 3. Derrick Rose wins Rookie of the Year Award.

I copied and pasted from another of my threads, hence the correct prediction that we would indeed lose to the Pacers, so I guess I am 1 for 1 right now.

Posted on: February 21, 2009 7:50 pm

Power Rankings Feb. 22nd

Here we go:

  1. Lakers. The team to beat and without doubt the best in the NBA right now. Best record plus being the hottest team in the league is proof enough.
  2. Cavaliers. Just when you think this team is not as good as the Celtics LeBron James does something insane that gives me a Michael Jordan flasback. Lack of depth? Who cares? Who is going to stop LBJ?
  3. Spurs. Overtime loss to the Knicks was a hard one for any fan to watch who does not live in New York. I still think this team has a real shot at an upset when the WCFs roll around.
  4. Celtics. How will this team adjust without Kevin Garnett? I think they just lost themselves the number one seed for sure. Will KG come back in full health? Scary for Celtic fans I bet.
  5. Magic. Rafer Alston was a great move for the Magic with Jameer Nelson out for the season. Magic fans must be breathing a sigh of relief right now. There is yet a flicker of hope off in the distance.
  6. Nuggets. Loss to the Bulls was ugly for sure. But Billups has been great for this team. They need to be a bit more consistant and play with passion every game.
  7. Portland. With Michael Ruffin on board they could make it to the Finals. Sorry, that was a joke. This team is young and balanced. Most of all they keep winning games.
  8. Jazz. Look out here they come. They are just 3 1/2 games out of the 4th seed and playing quite well. Have won 3 in a row. I smell a darkhorse.
  9. Rockets. This team iwins three games without Tracy McGrady. Didn't this happen before? Tracy McGrady is a cursed player. There I said it.
  10. Mavericks. Another darkhorse team. Dirk is playing his best ball this season and this team has nice depth. I hope they can do without Jason Terry.
  11. Hornets. I really liked the double reverse trade for Tyson Chandler. I wonder if they knew how bad his toe was? This will hurt them in future trades. What seed does this team get in the playoffs? 8th vs Lakers? Ouch!
  12. Hawks. Young and balanced. They are the fourth best team in the east but are this low in the rankings. Says a lot about the east.
  13. Suns. This team was reborn the day they fired Terry Porter. How far will they get without Amar'e Stoudemire? That is the real question.
  14. Heat. Not to sure that JO was the right move or not. He is injury prone so you have to wonder if he will be there come playoff time. Good thing they have that other guy Dwyane Wade to carry them.
  15. Bulls. This team is one of the hottest teams in the east right now. Beating the Nuggets with only 7 players says a lot about this teams passion. They are playing gritty, backs against the wall basketball. Hello playoffs.
  16. Pistons. Rasheed Wallace will jack up 5 failed 3 point attempts before I finish writing this sentence. Someone needs to buy Coach Curry a chemistry set. Sad when AI is not the problem.
  17. Bucks. This team has one thing going for it. Scott Skiles. He and he alone will will this team into the playoffs. I am not sure that will be enough at the end of the day.
  18. 76ers. This team will most likely make the playoffs but lets hope Miller gets back soon to run this team before they rack up to many losses.
  19. Knicks. Starting to rack up a lot of points on other teams. Larry Hughes should be a nice addition to Mike D'Antoni's run and gun offense. Knicks could slip into the playoffs yet.
  20. Pacers. This is were the teams really start to slip off for me. Granger can not do it by himself. This team needs to make some smart draft selections this summer and let the rebuilding continue.
  21. Nets. They could not get rid of Vince Carter. Souldn't they have done that like 3 years ago anyways? Brook Lopez is a solid piece to the puzzle for the future.
  22. Warriors. Despite what some Warriors fans think Monta Ellis has not been playing that well and without Andris Biedrins in the paint this team will continue to struggle.
  23. Raptors. Record or no record, a team with Jose Calderon, Chris Bosh, and Shawn Marion can not be this bad, can they?
  24. Bobcats. Is this team ever going to be a .500 team after an Allstar break? They have rebuilding down to a fine art in Charlotte.
  25. Timberwolves. No Al Jefferson equals a lot of tears in pillows. Timberwolves fans need only think about the draft to find comfort.
  26. Grizzlies. At least this team has a bright future to think about. To bad the owners do not like to spend money.
  27. Wizards. Two wins in a row is nice to see. Other then that this team has been shockingly bad this season.
  28. Clippers. Baron Davis needs not to be traded for Tracy McGrady, we need to get these two guys on the same team. That would be interesting.
  29. Thunder. Maybe the best young talent in the NBA reside here in Kevin Durant. What a joy to watch he is. Let's hope they can build something around him.
  30. Kings. What else can be said. Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni could help things out. I will miss Andres Nocioni though.
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