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Posted on: March 8, 2011 10:07 am

Trading Bosh?

Okay, so Heat fans are going to certainly jump on me for this idea as well as others, but I have mentioned in the past that the Heat should trade Chris Bosh to create a more balanced team. They, as in the Heat players and coaches, keep telling us it is only a matter of time before they gel. I am not buying it. How long did it take for Jordan and Pippen to gel with a player they hated named Rodman? Oh, that's right, that was the season the Bulls won 72 games. On there own the big three in Miami are great players, with Bosh being a tier lower then Wade and LeBron. I also understand that the real chemistry issues are with Wade and James and not so much with the thrid wheel named Bosh, but the Heat are never going to trade LeBron or Wade. They simply would never get enough assets in return for either of the superstars for it to make sense for them. Bosh could be traded however and i think I found the perfect team.

The Hornets are at a hard spot right now. They are a playoff team with a superstar Point Guard that might skip town. They are simply not good enough to contend in the west and will continue to be a 5-8 seed unless they make another move. Now add to that the reality that Chris Paul might be leaving and the Hornets certainly have to do something. Trading Paul is an idea that could be explored, but not today. I have other plans.

What if:

The Heat Traded Chris Bosh and Joel Anthony to the Hornets for Emeka Okafor, Jarrett Jack, and Quincey Pondexter. Now Athony and Pondexter could be removed from this trade and the numbers still work out, but I think the Hornets might want a Center in return and Pondexter adds a little depth to the Heat.

Why this works for the Hornets.

By adding Bosh to the mix the Hornets give themselves a chance of keeping Chris Paul in town. They could then shop West if they wanted to for a better SG. A Paul/Bosh combo could be really interesting and with West fading it might be time to make a move like this. Anthony would just be a filler player at the center position, but a Paul/Ariza/Bosh trio might make some noise in the west. The real reason to do this trade always comes back to keeping CP3 in town, and if he still leaves for New York, the Hornets would still have a star player in town to draw a crowd in Bosh.

Why this works for the Heat.

The biggest issue with the Heat is chemistry, and having all three of your superstars being jump shooters is not helping them at all. They simply need balance and depth. This trade does just that. Jarrett jack is an underrated PG who can be a starter without an issue. He is certainly an upgrade over what the heat have now. He is explosive, has great size and strength, can finish at the rim, and is a solid defender. He is a much younger option then Andre Miller or some other washed up player they could target. I think Jack is a perfect low-profile player that can run the floor and hit open shots. Okafor gives the Heat the defensive-minded Center that can block shots and get offensive rebounds to create second chance shots for his teammates. Pondexter is a decent young SF that would give the Heat some needed depth.

Sure, this is not a super sexy trade for the Heat, but I think it is the right move if they cannot make some noise in the playoffs. If they win the Finals, or even get there then forget all that I am saying, but if the are out in the 1st or 2nd round then a trade is a must. Having 3 superstars can be the right formula, but not three that all shoot jumpers. They need balance. They need defense in the paint. Also, let us not forget that Haslem will be back and healthy. Here is what their new roster would look like:

PG Jack- Chalmers
SG Wade- Miller- House
SF LeBron- Pondexter 
PF Haslem-
C Okafor- Big Z

Looks a lot more balanced to me. Any thoughts?

Posted on: June 2, 2010 2:14 pm

Hornets or Bulls?

Okay, so a debate started on another thread about these two teams and why Tom Thibodeau should choose to coach them. I think this is a great debate but I think we should move away from the arguments about which city is better, which city is bigger,  or even which team plays in which conference and I think our focus should be on which roster looks better to an incoming coach. The other stuff is nice but I think Head Coaches know that it is really the players that make the difference. So let us take a look and debate.

For fun I am ranking both teams rosters together. Feel free to yell at me or post your own rankings. Now you must also consider that the Bulls will add a player or two with their cap space. LeBron James or Dwyane Wade might not happen but Chris Bosh could or even Amar'e Stoudemire. Heck the Bulls might just land David Lee on the cheap and then pick up a 3 point shooter. In any case the Bulls will have one or two impact players heading into next season to consider. To be fair the Hornets will also have cap space after this next season to go after a max player their own so that is on the horizon. But you are playing the part of the head Coach and you must pick which team's roster looks better now and in the future.

1. Chris Paul He is clearly the best player of the bunch. He is a superstar and the best all around point guard in the league. Rondo and Deron may be better defenders, Rose a better scorer, Nash a better playmaker, and Billups a better clutch shooter and leader, but CP3 is in the top 5 in each of those catagories.

2. Derrick Rose. A rising star and a scoring machine. He has a great jump shot but needs to work on his 3. His defense is average and is his only real weakness. Ranked 14th in scoring in his 2nd season and could be top 5 this year.

3a. David West. A good inside scoring option and an overall solid player. He should average more rebounds for his size and is not a shot blocker at all. A good back to the basket player but just an average defender at best.

3b. Joakim Noah. The anit-David West if you can follow me. Noah is an average scoring bigman but a savvy defender. He is a top rebounder and shot blocker and is full of energy and is vocal which can be good at times. Needs to work on his offense a bit.

5. Luol Deng. He plays the part of a second option but should really be a third option. He is a solid defender with his length and has a silky jumpshot. He has yet to become a threat from downtown.

6. Emeka Okafor. A good defender of the paint and can sometimes be effective on offense. It is he later that is his true weakness. I do not think he will ever become an Allstar level player but is close.

7. Darren Collison. He is an explosive player that could be a starter on a few teams around the league. Will continue to grow as long as he gets playing time.

8. Taj Gibson. A steal in the draft Gibson only got better as the season went on and should come close to averaging a double double if he gets the playing time. He is a good defender and has a nice jumper and reminds me of a smaller P.J. Brown. Needs to add size.

9. Kirk Hinrich. A streaky shooter that looks to often to pass then shot, but he is a top shelf perimeter defender and often is guarding the other teams top scorer even if that means playing small forward at times when he is clearly a point guard playing out of position.

10. Marcus Thornton. He is a young scoring stud that has a bright future and could move up this list if he works on other aspects of his game. We know he can score but I want to see what else this sleeper can do before I am sold.

Good arguments could be made in a few spots but I think that is a fair top 10.

So based on rosters alone which team would you rather be the Head Coach of going into next season.
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