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Posted on: June 14, 2010 4:44 pm

The Garnett Effect.

        I would first like to say that this years Finals is turning out to be much better then I thought. My hunch was that it would be a 5 game series one way or the other. In many ways these playoffs have let us down with all the short series and blowouts, but this series looks to have the makings of a classic. Now back to the topic I want to explore, Kevin Garnett and his growing effect on this series.
       I am not a true fan of either team, so my thoughts should be viewed as unbias. I think the biggest reason the Celtics are up 3-2 in this series is due to the play of Kevin Garnett. This is coming from the guy that thought the Celtics should have traded Garnett last summer while he still had value. I would insert my foot into my mouth if there wasn't a crow in there.
       As this series moves on Garnett is becoming more and more of a force on both ends and Gasol seems to be heading the other direction. Pau clearly looks overwhelmed out there. Garnett and the Celtics defense is taking it's toll on him and the Lakers cannot afford to not have Gasol be a factor. As we all saw last night, Kobe Bryant cannot do it all by himself. Even scoring nearly 40 points was not enough for a win because he had no help. It was like watching the Celtics play the Cavaliers all over again. Gasol needs to score 20 for this series to move to a 7th game. Odom and Artest have been disasters and the Lakers can count only so much on Fish.
         So the answer for the Lakers is clearly better production from Gasol, but the problem is is that Garnett is playing like his 2008 self and his defense on Gasol has been stellar. The Celtics simply are too stubborn to budge from their man to man defense on Kobe and this is effecting the Lakers offense on a grand scale. By not using a help defender on Kobe the Celtics are able to play aggressive man to man defense and are not allowing the other Lakers clean looks or easy shots. The Lakers need to make some bigtime adjustments on offense. Odom has to become a factor again and Artest needs to be benched or something. His defense has been solid but his offense is killing the Lakers.
         If you compare the stats of Gasol and Garnett you clearly see that Gasol is still the better of the two, but if you ask me Garnett is having the better series. I say this simply because Garnett is making Gasol not play to his normal level. Pau's FG% in this series is his lowest of the playoffs and that can be credited to Garnetts defense. The other thing that gives Garnett the edge in my book is that he is having an effect on the offensive end as well. He is averaging 15.6 points and 3.2 assists per game. When Garnett is hitting jumpers and scoring in the paint the Celtics become a new animal. One that is hard to kill. If Garnett continues to play the way he has been on Gasol and Gasol does not make adjustment then this series will be over in 6. I do expect the Lakers to come out strong in game 6 however and I see this series going to 7 in an epic battle between these two legendary teams. We can all only hoe for a OT game 7.
        So do you agree with me that Garnett's play has been the major key to the Celtics series lead or are you thinking it is something else? One could point to the Celtics overall defense or the play of their bench, but I still contest that a healthy Garnett seems to be the achilles heel of the Lakers.
Posted on: May 24, 2010 5:33 pm

Eating Crow Tastes Bad.

Dearest Celtic fans I am here with my bib on and ready to eat crow. I hear they taste a bit like chicken so that is a good thing. Over the past year and a half I have attacked the Celtics on many fronts and I am here to man up and admit I was wrong on all accounts. I am here to say I was wrong and that you guys were right.

I am talking to WCF, Logicman, Football, Crotchrocker, Nighthawk, and all the rest of you guys.

1. I stated in a blog that got featured by CBS last summer that the Celtics should trade Kevin Garnett while he had value and that the Celtics would never make it back to the Finals with KG being a major factor. I was trying to say they should sell high to a contender, but I was wrong. The Celtics not only have a good shot at making it to the Finals but I would call them them the favorite to win the Championship. I was dead wrong. Garnett is healthy and is picking the Magic apart. Without him the Celtics might not have reached the Eastern Conference Finals. Garnett owned Jamison and to me that was a huge factor in the Celtics winning that series.

2. I said in many a thread that Paul Pierce was finished and no longer a top 5 small forward. While he is no LeBron James or Kevin Durant he is still in the top 5 for sure. My bad.

3. I used the argument often used that the big three were simply too old and could not make another Finals push. Well they sure seem younger then the Magic. Ray Allen is playing like he is under 30 and so are KG and Pierce. Sure this team will not contend in 2 seasons with these 3 at the center, but right now they look very scary with their mix of talent and wisdom.

4. This one hurts the most. I mean I almost cannot say it, but here goes nothing. Rajon Rondo is better then Derrick Rose. Ouch! Dagger to my heart. Time will tell if Rose can catch up, but as it stands today Rondo is better. He is more well-rounded with his playmaking abilities and his defense. Rose is clearly the better scorer but Rondo has him everywhere else. The future should hold many great battles between these two and I hope Derrick improves just to make that battle even more epic. I have Rondo 3rd overall behind Deron Williams and Chris Paul, but he could very well become the best in the league next season when Rose too improves. man that was hard to say.

5. I do not like the players on the Celtics roster, but I respect their games. Pierce is a cry baby to me. Garnett a ego-fed trash talker. Sheed is just a ahole. Nate Robinson is a thug and Rondo not only looks like a tranny but he plays like a punk sometimes. With that being said they are a very balanced machine much in the mold of the 80's Celtics teams. They are hard-nosed and play great defense and that is something a Chicago fan can dig.

Is there any angle to me coming out and eating crow? Yes. I want the Celtics to crush the Lakers in the Finals for to reasons. 1. I want Phil Jackson back at the United Center and 2. I love Kobe's game but I do not want him winning any more rings. If he reaches 6 titles then Laker fans will argue he is better then Jordan and I cannot have that. So, Celtic fans I will be pulling for the Green Machine in the Finals and I was wrong in many ways about your team.
Posted on: October 30, 2009 11:18 am

Breaking Down the Bulls: Hold Your Horses.

     OK, so the Bulls stunned me last night by not only beating the Spurs but by controlling the tempo of the game throughout the second half. Tim Duncan looked in prime form but the rest of the Spurs looked flat and rusty. I honestly felt like the Bulls could open the season really slow but last night gives me hope. Do I think the Bulls are contenders after knocking off a top 5 team? No. I am my own teams biggest critic in many ways and I think tonights game against the Celtics is the real test. So Bulls fans I ask that you "Hold Your Horses". There were three things I was looking for in this game before it started so did I see what I wanted to see? Let us take a look.

 1. Can Joakim Noah defend against a bigman like Tim Duncan?
While Noah is a pesk and a very good defender of the paint he is not yet near the level needed to take on the task of a great like Duncan. Only few players are of that caliber. Players like Kevin Garnett, Ben Wallace, and Dikembe Mutombo are of the few that can matchup against great players. Can Noah ever be a defender at that level? My guess is no, but he can be pretty good and should be able to slow down most players. The 10 points and 10 rebounds he gathered last night could very well be his season average by the end of the year.

2. Will Kirk Hinrich be a spark off the bench? Yes he can and I think he will see close to 30 minutes a night and that could put him in the running for 6th man award, but most likely he will average about 12 points a night with 4 assist and 3 rebounds and play some gritty defense. He is a great luxury to have coming off the bench, not only because of the things I already mentioned, but more because he is a great floor general and can control the tempo of the game. He knows when to push it and when to slow things up. I am happy the Bulls kept him.

3. Will Rose shoot or pass? The answer is both. Rose was clearly on his way to getting close to a triple double last night with 13 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds in 33 minutes on a sore ankle. As Bulls fans we are now going to have to worry about an injury to Rose like Miami does about Wade or the Celtics would about KG. Rose is the heart of this team and without him they are a sub .500 team. Rose should become an Allstar this season even with all the competition. He is that good in my eyes. He can drive and create like Tony Parker and can pass like Chris Paul, he just needs to become a defender like Kirk and a Leader like Billups and all things will be grand in Chicago. I do think Rose have the leadership thing down as all the Bulls players seem to clearly see that Rose is the best player on the team.

Nice Surprise. Luol Deng was a treat to my eyes last night. I am not sure he can be that 18 and 8 player every night for the Bulls but he sure looked great last night hitting a high percentage of shots and cleaning up the glass like a window washer. If we can count on Deng for 15 and 6 then the Bulls will be better served because they can go to any number of players for offense. John Salmons and Brad Miller can score as well as Thomas and Kirk. Bottomline is that the Bulls are very deep and it showed last night. Miller and Kirk are starters on most teams in the NBA and Taj Gibson looks like a steal at 26 in the Draft. he has a solid jumper from 15 but more importantly he plays defense like a savvy vet already, not to mention he can handle himself in the paint fairly well. Add to that rookie James Johnson and a shooter in Pargo and you have a very good 2 deep rotation.

The Celtics test and what I am looking for tonight. Tonight will be the real test for many reasons and the two bigget reasons have to do with composer.

Can the Bulls live up to the hype of last seasons 7 game series with the Celtics? For Celtic and Bulls fans last season 7 game first round series was perhaps the best we ever witnessed with our own eyes. I was pulling my hair out and biting my nails. I was jumping out of my seat sceaming in joy and putting my head in my hands in sadness. It was what being a fan is all about compressed into 7 games. So can the Bulls step up to the challenge of dealing with the pressure of this new found rivalry? Sure the Celtics are a contender and could very well be in the Finals this season and the Bulls will have to play perfect basketball to become a 4th seed, but still if you ask any Bulls or Celtics fan they will tell you that a Bulls/Celtics matchup is must watch TV. The Celtics will play hard and they are just as deep as the Bulls if not deeper and have plenty of leadership and Kevin Garnett will be playing this time. Maybe a healthy Deng can offset Garnett a bit, but any way you look at it the Bulls are the underdog and I wonder if they can play with heart or will they fall apart at the first signs that the Celtics could pull away. Bottomline question, will the Bulls fold if down by 7 or 8 or will they kepp fighting?

Will the Bulls be over-confident? Over-confience is poison like no other in sports. The Bulls already knew that they pushed the Celtics to 7 games on a national stage and now they are coming off a huge victory over the Spurs. Will they walk into Boston with their heads held too high? Maybe. Tyrus Thomas comes to mind. I could see him trying to force too much and get dismantled by Garnett. The key will be Rose. If Tyrus acts like a fool then Vinny can pull him and throw in Gibson or even Miller, but he can not really replace Rose and have any hopes of winning. I think we have seen enough of Rose to know that nothing seems to faze him. When he steps on the hardwood his blood turns to ice. No smiles on his face. It is all about the game.

Well I hope you enjoyed the read and as you can see I am very happy the regular season has started. Let me know your thoughts on the Spurs game and what you think will happen to the Bulls tonight Against the Celtics and the season for the matter. Thanks.


Posted on: July 2, 2009 10:09 pm

Is the NBA getting more and more unbalanced?

     Well there have been a few big moves in the NBA over the last week and I am not so sure it is for the best of the NBA or not. The Cavaliers which were already in this last seasons eastern conference look to have locked up Shaq for next season and gave up basically nothing in return. Vince Carter is going to play for the Magic next season. The Spurs, who are still a good franchise but have battled injuries, have bolstered their lineup with the addition of Richard Jefferson. The Celtics look to be adding Rasheed Wallace and now there are talks of Ron Artest joining Kobe on the Lakers. Are all these moves good for the NBA? Let us take a look.

     I guess there are to theories to go by on this one. One, that having a handful of great teams will make the conference finals and NBA finals better. You know that these blockbuster teams will all go deep into the playoffs and that the Finals should include two of the teams mentioned above. The other thinking is that these teams are now just all too good and that the regular season and the entire season for that matter is pointless to watch for fans of other teams. Do fans of the Hawks or Mavericks have anything to hope for?
    I for one am torn on the issue. I consider myself a true fan of the sport so part of me can not wait for the season to begin to see how Shaq and LeBron coexist or if Vince Carter can be the missing part to push the Magic to the next level. On the other hand I am a fan of the Chicago Bulls which are a good young team with depth and promise, but really are no match for onr of these new Mega-Teams.
     The rest of the NBA stands little chance agaist these new teams. Part of me thinks it could hurt the NBA fanbase a bit. I am sure it will attract a ton of new fans, but some diehards may just give up on their teams. Why keep watching their team when we all know who is going to be in the Finals. I am not saying that I am one of these fans, but i can understand that view.
     Let's look at these new Mega-team's lineups for a minute. Who stands a chance againts these five teams is my real question.
     Lakers- Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, and Pau Gasol. This team has it all. A legend in the making leading the way in Kobe. A great inside force in Gasol. A versatile wingman in Gasol and a bonecrusher in Ron Artest. Crazy.
     Spurs- Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Richard Jefferson. The best power forward ever in the middle. I understand that Duncan is older but he is still great. Manu if healthy is a nightmare for other teams. One of the best, if not best penetrateing point guards in Parker and now a allstar caliber wingman in R.J.
     Celtics- Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace. If Boston can keep Allen and sign Wallace then, if healthy, they will have a great shot at another NBA title. That is an older but still great lineup. They could cause a lot of damage with this team.

     Magic- Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis. You have to think that Turkoglu is going to go elsewhere for the money, but a guess he too could still be in the fold in Orlando. This team has all the parts needed to win a title with Howard anchoring this team. I think Carter might just be the player the magic needed in the Finals. A guy who can hit the clutch shots and draw defenders out. If they somehow manage to keep Turk as well then they are going to go back to the Finals.
- LeBron James, Shaq, and Mo Willaims. Not quite as deep as the others as far as talent, but Shaq might work out very well for the Cavs. If James and him can work off eachother well then most teams will have their hands full facing the Cavaliers next season. Shaq draws the double team and so does James. That is a recipe for a Championship.

     Well as a Bulls fan, unless we trade for Chris Bosh or Amar'e this summer, I can hope for no more then maybe a trip to the second round of the playoffs next year and that is better then I can say for most other teams. So do you think that these new Mega-Teams will cause some fans to finally give up on their teams or are you just excited to see how all these move play out? I for one can not wait to watch these new teams, but to be honest part of me is a bit sad that my team is on the outside looking in.

Posted on: May 25, 2009 2:39 pm

The Smart GM Trades Kevin Garnett this Summer.

     I understand that many will call me crazy for even thinking that the Celtics should trade Kevin Garnett, but there are plenty of reasons as to why it is the right move. I made mention of this idea back on one of the Bulls vs Celtics playoff threads and then again on another thread about Bostons future and I got mixed feedback. I have since taken a little time to research a bit more as to a few trade ideas and to also solidify my argument. So let us take a look at a few reasons as to why it makes sense for the Celtics to break up the big three.

     Be honest with yourselves. What will it take for the Celtics to get back to the Finals and win another championship? It will take a few things happening that I feel is just a huge gamble for Boston. Kevin Garnett will have to return and be near 100%. Leon Powe will have to heal and continue to grow. Ray Allen will have to shoot consistently and stop aging. Celtics will have to resign Big Baby somehow to slowly take over for the fading KG. Paul Pierce will have to show up a little more in the playoffs. Rajon Rondo will have to pick up the slack by becoming a superstar.
     Can all 6 of those things happen? I think not. If Garnett returns and plays well then the Celtics will make it to the second round of the playoffs again, but the east is fastly changing and the Celtic's core is getting very old. If Boston does not make moves this summer they could very well turn into the next version of the Pistons. An motley grouping of aging vets and mismatched parts that have little trade value. Think of what the Pistons could have done a few years ago if they were smart enough to break up their team. But instead they pressed on and slowly slipped out of contention. Sad.
     The time is now for Boston to bypass this fate. If KG can recover and pass a physical then they should move him while he still have some value. In a year or less he could be worth as much as Rasheed Wallace. Scary. Yes it would be a cruel thing to do to KG after he gave Boston a championship, but basketball is a business not a retirement home. Kevin Garnett could recover and have 1 or 2 good seasons left but that is a big risk to take. I think moving him now is the best option. Rajon Rondo is clearly the future of this team as Paul Pierce will himself slowly start to fade in the next 3 or 4 years. He has a lot of miles on him and to me Rondo looks to be the most well rounded talent on the Celtics right now.
     Many have been saying the Celtics should move Ray Allen but he has only one year left on his contract that expires in the summer of 2010. Having 18 million dollars in cap space next summer might be enough to grab a superstar free agent if the Celtics aready have the right players on board. I say hold onto Ray. Here are a few ideas for the Celtics.
    1) I understand that the Raptors are in the same division as the Celtics, but both can gain somthing by making a deal. The Raptors have to understand by now that Chris Bosh is most likely bolting after next season and they need to start listening to offers now. I want my Bulls to make an offer to be honest. I think if the Celtics offered Garnett and thier 1st round pick they could land Bosh and Jason Kapono. Bosh is not as good as KG was in his prime but Bosh is younger and Kapono gives the celtics another three point threat which they could really use. Toronto gets a superstar in KG and a pick. All of these trade ideas work on the ESPN trade machine just so you know. Different combinations of picks could be used to even out this trade but I think if they can move past the idea of both being in the same division that this is a solid moves on both ends. Raptors will either want another superstar for Bosh or young talent and picks. Few other teams can offer a player like Garnett to the Raptors so they might swallow his huge contract to just fill some seats at home.
     2) OK, I understand that Zach Randolph is a nightmare in the locker room but the Celtics could try to move him during the season or a third team could be involved. I think Camby is a solid replacement for KG. They are both old and Camby is not what he used to be but both ZR and Marcus' contracts expire before KG's contract. In the end this trade really just gives the Celtics a little more flexability and I am sure the Clippers would throw a future draft pick on the table. Clippers love to make bad trades so maybe the Celtics could pull a John Paxson and land two future 1st rounders. The Clippers really want to move Zach. I understand that this is not a sexy trade and it would certainly have the Celtics taking a step back, but if they can land a 1st round pick or two from the Clippers then it is a no brainer to me. The Clippers are always in the lottery and often hold a top 5 pick.
     3) Now I like this idea. Peja Stojakovic's contract is hard to swallow for what he offers but it is one season shorter then KGs. David West on the other hand is a solid young power foward. The Hornet could bite if the Celtics ate another contract and offered a 1st and 2nd round pick. The Hornets might not want to give up a young star like west for an aging one like Garnett, but they might also want to make it look like they are trying to build a contender to keep Chris Paul happy. I seem to remember the Mavericks trading away a budding star in Devin Harris for Jason Kidd. You just never really know what a team will do. But If the Celtics can bring home a player like David West then I think they would remain contenders. I also think that boston can stand to let go of a couple of picks. Rondo, Pierce, and West could be a deadly trio.
     4) Speaking of the Mavericks what about a trade for Josh Howard and Erick Dampier. I think that this could be a nice even trade as is. Howard has a few injuries to ovrecome and a fondness for herbs and Dampier is also getting older but is still a solid player in the paint. Plus Howard's contract ends next summer to give the Celtics some extra cap space and Erick's ends the next summer. Mavericks could be scary with Garnett and Dirk on the floor together. If Jason Kidd can muster a bit more out of his HOF career then the mavericks could contend with this move. Howard would look nice running the floor with Rondo and if the Celtics lose Big Baby then Dampier could be a short term fix. I think with this move the Celtics would free up enough money for the summer of 2010 to go after perhaps Amar'e, Bosh(if he is not already traded), or Wade.
     5) This trade is all about freeing up a bit of money. Celtics would save 5 million right off the bat with the differences in contracts and Matt Harpring's contract ends next summer and Kirilenko's is a year shorter then KGs. AK47 could play the 3 or 4 and be a solid replacement for KGs defense. I am not saying he is as good but he is a very good defender. With freed up cap space the Celtics would have money to add a superstar and maybe resign Big Baby this summer. A 2010/2011 lineup of Rajon Rando, Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce, AK47, and Big Baby would be a great team to watch and a very good defensive team. Maybe a big instead of Wade might more sense. For the Jazz they get KG to replace Boozer who is sure to leave this summer.
     Well, I hope you enjoyed the read. Please understand that these trade ideas can be tinkered with a bit by adding smaller pieces or draft picks to even thing out. I can already see all the negative replies about a couple of these trade ideas. What I really want to hear from other posters is 1) is moving KG in and of itself just a bad idea? and 2) what other trade ideas can you come up with?
Posted on: March 21, 2009 12:07 pm

Should Bulls Avoid 7th Seed?

      The Bulls now hold the 8th seed in the eastern playoffs, and while they could very likely still lose that seeding and slip out of the playoffs all together, one has to wonder if they really want to move up to the 7th seed. The Bulls have a very light schedule the rest of the way. They face one real strong team tonight in the Lakers and then things become much easier the rest of the way. My real point here is that the Bulls could very well pass the Pistons or 76ers for that matter and move into the 7th spot in the playoffs. The problem there is that they would then be faced with the Celtics or Magic in the first round and while I do not see the Bulls getting out of the first round, I do think their best shot is against the top rated Cavaliers.

     The Bulls just match up better with the Cavaliers and I can see the Bulls stretching a seven game series to a sixth or seventh games. The Bulls have a pretty balanced team right now with Brad Miller down low giving the Bulls some size and skill for the first time in a long time. Tyrus Thomas is starting to show signs that he can be a force in the paint on both ends but more so on defense were his ability to get above the rim and block shots is at the highest level in the league. He is starting to remind me of Tyson Chandler a bit on defense, but with the ability to hit the outside jumper. Thomas is coming into his own and his future is bright.

     LeBron James can not really be stopped by anyone so the Bulls would have to rely on a team effort to try and slow him down a bit. The one thing the Bulls can do is make it hard for hm to score in the paint. Thomas, Joakim Noah, and Miller offer a nice combination of size, skill, defense, and athleticism. Most of all Brad Miller matched up well against clevelands bigs and I think if Tyrus continues to grow that the Cavs might have trouble defending against him. I am not saying that Tyrus is a 20 and 10 player against the Cavaliers, I am only saying that I think he matches up well against them. Anderson Varejao is about the only guy I can see slowing him down. Joe Smith is a bit to slow to hinder him, but Smith is a savvy vet so I could be wrong there.

     I think Cleveland might have a bit of an edge with Mo Williams facing Derrick Rose. Rose has shown that he struggles against larger point guards like Rajon Rondo and Williams. If Rose can rise to the occasion then the Bulls have a shot every night. The Bulls have an overall edge with guards due to their strong depth with Rose, Kirk Hinrich, and Ben Gordon. That is a strong rotation with option to score, playmake, and play defense. I really like how the Bulls matchup here. While the power forward and center positions almost seem to be a wash, I think the Bulls have an edge in the guard catagory.

     Then we come to the small forward position were the Bulls have a nice all around player in John Salmons who can do a bit of everything and the often injured Luol Deng. If Heathly Deng can be a nice player to have on the floor but Salmons is the better defender and just seems to fit better with Vinny's gameplan and more importantly he seems to complement Derrick Rose much better then Luol Deng. Deng had a nice string of strong games before hurting his leg last month, but Salmons needs to be the starter here for the Bulls.

     While John Salmons is nice he is in no way in the same category as LeBron James. James is just better in every way. James is just a machine set on kill mode. So by default the Cavaliers get a huge edge here and in my mind the ability to move on to the second round. I think if the Bulls play hard the series could be stretched but it would take an effort not yet seen by the Bulls for this to happen. On the other hand, I do not see the Cavs sweeping the Bulls. The Bulls will have at least one night were all their jump shooters are hitting and this will most likely happen in the United Center. If Gordon, Salmons, and Rose are hitting their shots then really nobody can stop them.

     The real question is if the Bulls can score inside as well as outside. If Miller can find his shot and in turn spread the floor then Tyrus and Noah might be able to make noise down low. I still think that Vinny needs to run the high screen and roll with Miller and Rose much more. Miller is an outstanding passer for a bigman and can shoot the seventeen foot jumper. Derrick can shoot, pass, or drive. I see the high screen and roll with these two as a powerful weapon not truly utilized. This would spread the floor and allow Tyrus and Salmons to slash to the rim for feeds from Rose. I would just like to see this happen more often. Gordon could sit on the three point line for an open shot and to keep the floor spread and the the forwards could cut to the rim. Seems like a simple gameplan that could win a lot of games.

     The real reason however that I want the Bulls to hold ont the 8th seed and not move up is I think they could very well get swept by either the Magic or the Celtics. We have no answer for Dwight Howard at all and Kevin Garnett seems to charm Tyrus Thomas everytime they matchup. Rondo is not a great matchup for Rose at all and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen demand more defense then the Bulls can offer up. The Magic and the Celtics both are to balanced and have to much depth for the Bulls. The Bulls too are more balanced now and have depth but are to inconsistant.

Bottomline, if the Bulls are to have any hope of making it to the second round, which is unlikely at best, it will be through the Cavaliers and not the Celtics or Magic. So listen up Bulls! Keep playing well but lets not go on a 5+ game winning streak.   

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