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Posted on: February 21, 2011 2:16 pm

ChiTownCliff's Top 10s

Well the Allstar Game is over and we can move on to "real" basketball. The weekend, was for the most part, a waste of time to watch. Between watching the NBA field guys that cannot even shoot three pointers for the three point content and Griffin being handed the slam dunk contest, I really felt sick as a gazed at the TV. The actual Allstar Game itself was okay, but it was cool to see Kobe Bryant win the MVP even with LeBron doing all could to win it for the east. Anyways, I felt that right now was a good time to throw out my top ten lists. These ARE for play this season so far and for play I expect to see for the rest of the season. I have a Top 10 for each position and Top 20 for players overall and for Top 10 teams. Let us take a look.

Top 10 Point Guards

1. Chris Paul. Pros. No weaknesses and very efficient. Cons. Injuries.
2. Derrick Rose. Pros. Freaky fast and leading the Bulls to a +.700 mark. Cons. Defense is still just average. 
3. Russell Westbrook. Pros. All around very sound player that can do it all. Cons. Needs a better jumper.
4. Rajon Rondo. Pros. Scary good playmaker. Cons. Blackhole when it come to scoring.
5. Deron Williams. Pros. Like Westbrook with range. Cons. Ego?
6. Steve Nash. Pros. Still as silky smooth as they come with the ball. Cons. DEFENSE.
7. Tony Parker. Pros. Great penetrator or the paint and finisher. Cons. Assist numbers are low.
8. Raymond Felton. Pros. Has really elevated his overall game this season. Cons. Below average FG%.
9. Stephen Curry. Pros. Deadly shooter. Cons. Needs to focus slightly more on playmaking.
10. John Wall. Pros. Flashes of greatness spellout big upside. Cons. He's a rookie so I will give him a break.

Top 10 Shooting Guards

1. Dwyane Wade. Pros. Great scorer, defender, and is clutch. Cons. Likes contact, but gets hurt often.
2. Kobe Bryant. Pros. Savvy vet that can do it all and is clutch. Cons. Too many shots for a team with so many options.
3. Manu Ginobili. Pros. Smooth cutter and shooter. Cons. Average defender.
4. Monta Ellis. Pros. High volume scorer that can play the passing lanes well. Cons. Is a tweener size-wise.
5. Joe Johnson. Pros. Great shooter and a solid leader. Cons. Overpaid.
6. Ray Allen. Pros. Best 3 point shooter ever. Cons. Not a great defender.
7. Eric Gordon. Pros. Explosive and can score in bunches. Cons. Clipper's record.
8. Kevin Martin. Pros. A great pure shooter. Cons. Defense and injuries.
9. Stephen Jackson. Pros. Solid defender meets great shooter. Cons. Tarnished reputation.
10. Tyeke Evans. Pros. Explosive and can score well. Cons. FG% and leadership.

Top 10 Small Forwards

1. LeBron James. Pros. A force in both size and athleticism. Cons. His mouth.
2. Kevin Durant. Pros. Perhaps the best pure scorer in the game. Cons. Too soft spoken.
3. Carmelo Anthony. Pros. A threat inside and out of the paint. Cons. Lackluster defense
4. Rudy Gay. Pros. Solid all around player with a level head. Cons. Overpaid.
5. Paul Pierce. Pros. Still able to take over games from time to time. Cons. Sometimes needs a wheelchair.
6. Gerald Wallace. Pros. Great slasher and defender. Cons. Leadership.
7. Danny Granger. Pros. One of the better shooters. Cons. Forces shots sometimes.
8. Dorell Wright. Pros. Great 3 point shooter. Cons. Overall FG%.
9. Luol Deng. Pros. Good shooter, slasher, and defender. Cons. Ball-handling.
10. Andre Iguodala. Pros. Solid all-around SF that can defend well. Cons. Consistant jumpshot.

Top 10 Power Forwards

1. Dirk Nowitzki. Pros. Best shooting 7 footer ever. Cons. Slightly above average defense.
2. Pau Gasol. Pros. Great finisher and passer. Cons. Perhaps toughness.
3. Amar'e Stoudemire. Pros. Best scorer within 12 foot of the rim. Cons. Still not a good defender.
4. LaMarcus Aldridge. Pros. Should have been an Allstar because he is doing it all. Cons. Should be playing for the Bulls.
5. Kevin Garnett. Pros. Still an elite defender that can score when needed. Cons. Needs a zipper installed over his mouth.
6. Blake Griffin. Pros. Oozing with pure talent. Cons. Lacks fundamentals.
7. Chris Bosh. Pros. Good shooter and rebounder. Cons. Thoughness.
8. Kevin Love. Pros. Historic statline in the making. Cons. Defense anyone.
9. Zach Randolph. Pros. Great scorer and rebounder. Cons. The ball stops moving when he gets it.
10. Carlos Boozer. Pros. Great scorer in the paint with a solid jumper. Cons. Defense and inability to dodge luggage.

Top 10 Centers

1. Dwight Howard. Pros. A Beast on defense and on the glass. Cons. Makes some bad choices with the ball sometimes.
2. Al Horford. Pros. High FG% and a good passer. Cons. Needs to work on shot blocking.
3. Andrew Bogut. Pros. Great scorer and defender in the paint. Cons. Injuries.
4. Joakim Noah. Pros. Great vocal leader,defender, passer, and can run run run. Cons. Injuries
5. Nene. Pros. Pros. Able to use his size to overpower others. Cons. Rebounds are lacking.
6. Al Jefferson. Pros. Good on the boards and blocking shots. Cons. FG%.
7. Emeka Okafor. Pros. Smart player that can defend, rebound, and block shots. Cons. Scoring.
8. Tyson Chandler. Pros. Good rebounder that shoots a high FG%. Cons. Should be blocking more shots.
9. Andrew Bynum. Pros. Great size and inside scoring. Cons. If healthy he could be top 3.
10. Andrea Bargnani. Pros. One of the better shooting centers the league has seen. Cons. does nothing but shoot.

Top Twenty Players Overall

1. LeBron James
2. Dirk Nowitzki
3. Dwight Howard
4. Dwyane Wade
5. Kobe Bryant
6. Chris Paul
7. Kevin Durant
8. Carmelo Anthony
9. Derrick Rose
10. Pau Gasol
11. Amar'e Stoudemire
12. Manu Ginobili
13. Deron Williams
14. Monta Ellis
15. LaMarcus Aldridge
16. Rajon Rondo
17. Russell Westbrook
18. Rudy Gay
19. Kevin Garnett
20. Joe Johnson

Top 10 Teams 

1. Spurs. Pros. Just like a fine aged wine. Cons. Will they still have legs come playoff time?
2. Celtics. Pros. Great starting five with perhaps the best depth in the league. Cons. Age and injuries?
3. Mavericks. Pros. With a healthy Dirk they are well balanced. Cons. Without a healthy Dirk they are not the same.
4. Heat. Pros. Best 1-2 punch in the NBA. Cons. Lack of a center and PG will hurt against other elite eastern teams.
5. Bulls. Pros. Great chemistry and defense. Cons. Lack of another scorer at the shooting guard position.
6. Lakers. Pros. Kobe and the Lakers will show up in the Playoffs. Cons. Have they lost their edge?
7. Thunder. Pros. Balanced team that can put up big numbers. Cons. Lack of real size inside.
8. Magic. Pros. Pros. Best bigman in the game never hurts. Cons. Chemistry since the trade is not there.
9. Trail Blazers. Pros. LaMarcus Aldridge has this team on his back and they are winning. Cons. Brandon Roy's Knees.
10. Hawks. Pros. Have the talent to get out of the 1st round. Cons. Very inconsistant.

Well I hope you enjoyed the read. Please leave your thoughts and your Top 10 lists. Remember, these are just my opinions based on stats and watching games this season. I had a hard time positioning players on some of these lists so a player ranked 7th might be very close to 4th in my mind, but I have to rank them. Anyways, let me know what you think.    

Posted on: November 5, 2010 11:43 am

ChiTownCliff's Top 10 - Power Rankings #1

Well most teams have 4 to 6 games under their belt so I think we have a small taste of what teams look good early off and what teams should be able to establish themselves as forces for the rest of the season. I only want to look at the top 10, because that is all that really matters right? If you make the top 10 then you are either a contender for the title or real close to it. Outside of the top ten and you have some issues to deal with or you simply are a bad team. 

Well let us take a look at the Top 10 teams thus far.

1. Lakers
. How any other team could be ranked number 1 is beyond me. The Lakers are clearly the best team in the league. Kobe looks like himself and should still be considered in the running for the MVP, but the real stars of this team are the newly added Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. These two smaller pickups were well thought out by Laker's brass and have been a big part of the Lakers early success.

2. Celtics. Coming out of the gates and handing the Heat a loss goes was the perfect start to their season, but they have looked very good since as well. Rondo is averaging an amazing 16.4 assists per game and the green machine is off and running like they are well oiled. Paul Pierce has showed little signs of aging and the J.O. pickup looks like a solid move thus far.

3. Heat. The number that sticks out to me so far with this team is the average margin of victory which is a league leading 16.6 points. That is pretty scary. After their first game loss to the Celtics this team has looked pretty great since. Winning big against the Nets and Timberwolves is not a big deal, but the pounding they put on the Magic is.

4. Hornets. Who would have thought, right? This team is not only 4-0 but they have won against the likes of the Bucks, Nuggets, Spurs, and Rockets. Beating those 4 in a row proves you are doing something right. Chris Paul looks like his old self leading the NBA already in NBA efficiency with a 21-6-9 statline. Play from Belinelli and Thornton have been key but really missing in action is Trevor Ariza, who if he can get on track, could be an X-Factor for this team.

5. Magic. Getting hammered by the Heat does not make a good statement, but this team is still a great team. They simply had a bad night. I do not tink they will lose like that to the Heat again. In their two wins thay have looked great and Dwight Howard has added a little offensive punch to his game in the form of an outside shot that looks better then ever, but he needs to continue to be that force in the paint on defense if this team want to make it to or past the ECF.

6. Hawks. Okay, so they are 5-0, but I do not think this team is quite top 5 yet. Their wins have come against the Pistons, Cavaliers, Wizards, 76ers, and Grizzlies. That might have been a feat 5 years ago but not today and they face the Timberwolves tonight. We will not know what to think of this team until after next week when they face the Suns, Magic, Bucks, and Jazz.

7. Mavericks. This team has all the parts to have a 60+ win season. Most have played together for a few seasons and Jason Kidd continues to defy age, but the key to this team is the fact that Dirk is still in his prime and puting up great numbers. His ability to score from anywhere opens the floor for everyone else. This team has plenty of scoring theats and now they have some big defenders to clog the paint in Chandler and Haywood.

8. Thunder. Big wins against the Bulls and Trail Blazers has this team close to being in the talks with the elite. They still lack size and that may turn into a bigger issue down the road, but for now the duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook looks like a top 1/2 punch in the league.

9. Trail Blazers. It is hard not to like tis team. With Brandon Roy putting up jumpers from the outside and LaMarcus Aldridge turining into an elite back to the basket player Portland has their bases covered. Sprinkle in a savvy veteran point guard in Miller and a defender of the paint in Camby and this team is on a roll. Just wait until they add more size in JP and Oden.

10. Spurs. The combo of Duncan, Parker, and Manu is already a thing of history and it looks like they will continue to be together for quite some time. Sure they could use some new springs in the legs, but they are wise and well coached. This team can never be ruled out until Duncan retires. Jefferson is also starting to play the way they were hoping he would. This is a darkhorse team in the west if you ask me.

Let us take a look at a few players that have come out of the gates on fire. The Sexy Seven.

Monta Ellis.
they guy is just thowing up sick numbers and is leading the league in points per at an even 30 a game. His Warriors are 3-1 and just missed my list. Toss in 4 rebounds, 6 assists, and 55% shooting from the floor and Warriors' fans must be happy.

Joakim Noah. It is still early but it looks like Noah could lead the league in rebounding. He is right now with 15.3 per game to go along with 14 points and 2 blocks. He also has had 4 double doubles in 4 games and it seems unlikley that that trend wont continue.

Luis Scola. 23 points and 14.5 rebounds per! Are you kidding me? While the Rockets may be 0-4, Scola is proving to be a star player in this league. I wonder if these numbers will continue.

Rajon Rondo. I do not care how overrated the steals per and assist per statistics are, if you are averaging 16+ assist per game you are doing a good job of gettting the ball to were it needs to go. Rondo certainly is the front runner to lead the league in assists and by a large margin.

Pau Gasol. 23.8ppg, 11rpg, and 4.4apg is pretty darn scary. The Lakers made the best trade perhaps of the past decade when they landed this guy. He is a top 3 bigman for sure with Howard and Dirk and he plays with the best team in the league. I see no end to these types of numbers from him.

Derrick Rose. With 26.8 ppg(2nd) and 10 apg (5th) Rose is slowly becoming the superstar that many thought he would be. Thesse numbers should stay high but his scoring will certainly come down a bit when Boozer returns. 

Russell Westbrook. Durant who? Just kidding, but this guy must be the most underrated point guard in the league. A debate could be had that he is a top 3 PG right now. He certainly is as good as Derrick Rose if you ask me.

Just missing the Sexy Seven are: Paul Millsap, Dirk Nowitzki, and Rudy Gay.

Hope you enjoyed the read and please reply with your Top Ten and your Sexy Seven or simply give your thoughts. Thanks. 
Posted on: October 26, 2009 6:08 pm

ChiTownCliff's Power Rankings #2

     The Preseason is over and us fans can get ready for the real deal. Not much can be gathered from the preseason as coaches play their rookies and scrubs for 20+ minutes a night to see what they have. Still this is quite interesting to the true fan as we get a chance to see what kind of depth our teams may have and how good or bad our draft picks look. In the end the preseason record means little. So, with a slightly better view of the league having watched quite a few preseason games I give you my second Power Rankings of the Season. Please let me know what you think and reply with your own rankings.

1. Lakers.
No glue needs to be sniffed to realize that the Lakers are the team to beat this season. Ron Artest looks solid and Bynum looks very good going into the regular season. Sure their depth is not the best in the league and they could still use a better point guard but they can move the ball better then most and play great defense.



2. Magic. I know I wrote that preseason records mean very little but going 8 and 0 is a sign of something. Also, I will take Vince Carter over Turk any day of the week. Turk had a couple solid seasons and so many people thought he was great (Raptors executives). Let's see how he does on a team with no defensive players in the paint ( Bosh... Please.)

3. Celtics. I am not the biggest Celtics fan and I do believe that Kevin Garnett is on his last leg (or knee), but this team still has a great shot at a title if everyone stay healthy. Wallace looks good in Green. This team is big and scrappy and let's not forget experienced.



4. Cavaliers. OK, we have a team that looked great in the regular season last year and then fell apart come playoff time. Is Shaq enough to turn the tide in the east? It is a gamble of utmost risk. Not making it to the Finals should translate into LeBron James leaving town. Scary.



5 Spurs. Uncle Timmy is getting older as well as the core of this team but with the addition of Richard Jefferson this team could be very good. To me they are the Celtics of the west. They have experience and grit, but is there enough left in their tank and can they all stay healthy? Rookie Blair could make a big difference by providing rebounds and muscle down low.

6. Mavericks. This team has the talent to be a top 5 team for sure, but we have seen plenty of talent on Mavericks teams in the past and until they can rack up some big wins i have to keep them out of my top 5. Shawn Marion looks to have something to prove and he will be the X-factor for this team.

7. Trail Blazers. They are the best young team in the league and they seem to get better every season. They also have this hyped up young giant center that is starting to look pretty solid. I really like the addition of Miller and I think he can have a calming effect on this young team.

8. Nuggets. Will Melo win a Championship before LeBron? Nobody would have guessed it even possible a season ago, but the Nuggets look solid again this season and could reach the WCF easily agian this year. Melo looks like a true Allstar and Billups will continue to be the heart of this team. Also, Ty Lawson may become that solid 3rd option by seasons end.

9. Hornets. This is were the rankings get a bit fuzzy to me. The Hornets were a great team two years ago but fell short last season. Also, Emeka has not shown us what this team will look like with him playing, however I think the key is Chris Paul. He will make everyone look better then they are and this team could eat up some of the weaker teams in the league.

10. Jazz. Boozer has some fences to mend on this team but if the Jazz can win some early games and Boozer helps in those wins then all will be forgotten. This team will need a scrub or two to step up to give this team some depth.

11. Suns Run, run, run, shoot, shoot, shoot, run, shoot, steal, run, run, run, shoot, slam, run. I think that about says it all. This may win you 50 games in the regular season and an early exit in the playoffs.

12. Hawks. On paper they are young and full of talent but I have a couple questions. Have we seen the best of what Joe Johnson can be or is there yet one more level he can rise? Can Horford control the paint? Will Crawford ever be a 2nd or 3rd option on a good team?

13. Bulls. Like the Hawks the Bulls are young and talented. They have a young star in the making Derrick Rose and plenty of depth. Can this team stay focused thoughout the season and make a run for the 4th seed or will the losses pile up early again and hurt this team.

14. Heat. Shawn Kemp needs to have a sit down with Beasley and set this kid straight. I am so happy my Bulls did not pick him ahead of Rose. That would have been ugly. This team lacks depth but has perhaps the best player in the game in Dwyane Wade. He alone will get this team into the playoffs.



15. 76ers. Elton Brand is the key for this team to take it to the next level. Losing Miller at PG will hurt this team a bit but Elton's post play could offset the loss. Also, can Iggy raise his game, because he will have to for this team to advance in the playoffs.

16. Pistons. Introducing the Detroit Suns. Just kidding, but Steve Nash might be able to push this team into the second round of the playoffs with a bit of run and gun. This team went from being a top defensive team to a bottom 5 in the league if you ask me. Losing Dyess and Sheed and adding Gordon and CV will do that.

17. Rockets. No Ming= No Ring. Sorry I have wanted to write that one for awhile. Not sure if anyone wrote it before so I will take claim of it. McGrady will return too late to rescue this team and there chances of making the playoffs are looking good.

18. Raptors. This team has talent but no defense at all. The bigs of the league will own this team. Players like Gooden and Bass will look like Allstars in the paint playing against this team.



19. Wizards. When you are wrong you are wrong. I was praising this team a month ago but now I am not sold. Gilbert looks rustier then that old 1978 pickup in that guys back yard down the street, and now AJ is out for a few weeks. The losses will pile up early and could rip the heart out of this team.



20. Thunder. If they had Oden and Aldridge they could be as good as the Blazers, but they do not, so they will miss the playoffs and be lucky to win 35 games. Durant is a beast but this team lacks size.



21. Pacers. This is an interesting team. Granger is a superstar if you ask me and Ford and Dunleavy are solid options, but there is just something missing. However they do have a couple of solid bigs in Murphy and Roy. This team has a good shot at making the playoffs with so many questions in the east.

22. Warriors. I could move this team up a few spots but I will wait to see what they do in the first week or so. A lot of scoring options but no real defense on this team as they will be running and gunning. AR or Morrow could be this years MIP.

23. Bobcats. How many years can a team be just OK before nobody shows up to the games anymore. I am sorry but Chandler is a step down from Emeka and this team will again miss the playoffs.



24. Clippers. This team could make some kind of push for that 8th seed. You heard me right. With a healthy Camby and Kamen playing with rookie Blake Griffin the paint could be an ugly place for other teams. Does Davis have it in himself to play savvy basketaball to push this team?

25. Bucks. 4 ifs. If Redd can stay healthy. If Hakim Warrick wins the MIP. If Jennings wins the ROY. If Bogut can average 14 and 10. Then the Bucks have a shot at the playoffs.

26. Nets. What is so strange in the east is that a team ranked at 26 has a chance to make it to the playoffs in my mind. With young stud Brook Lopez and Devon Harris anything could happen. I also see Lee having a good season.

27. Knicks. Not much to cheer about as a Knicks fan except for every team that plays the Cavaliers in hopes that they have a bad season. That way the knicks can go after LeBron full force next summer.


28. Timberwolves. Love is out for some time and Jefferson is nursing his knee. This team is going to struggle all season even if they are healthy.



29. Grizzlies. Young and have some solid Talent mith Gasol, Gay, and Mayo. They could have an OK season but I do not see much more then 30 wins.

30. Kings. For now they are at the bottom of the heep. Not sure were this team is going in the near future.





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