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Player Hate vs Team Hate

I know I have come across as a flat out hater lately, so I thought I would clear a few things up and apologize for a few of my comments. I may have pushed this Heat hater business a bit too far and I am sorry. Most old time posters know me more as a quite guy that just likes to write about my Bulls. But this summer I got cought up in this whole LeBron mess just like most other people. I too was hoping that he would choose to come to Chicago, so yes I felt a little burned. What i am most sorry for is making fun of the city of Miami or even the fans of the Heat. I understand that there are true fans for all teams, even the Clippers. lol. So if I bent someone wrong, I am sorry.

The real point of this thread is to discuss the difference between a team hater and a player hater. I am not a team hater and I know that i have come off as one lately and again I am sorry. I am however a player hater, and i think we all are to an extent. There are just certain players that rub you wrong for one reason or another. I have had a long history of not liking Rajon Rondo becuase I think he is a dirty player and I did not like his hit on Brad Miller or Kirk Hinrich in the playoffs 2 years ago. I really hated that team even more when Garnett started mouthing off all the time. I never liked Paul Pierce that much after the whole wheelchair deal. Then they added the thug Nate Robinson to the mix. To top it off they added Rasheed Wallace who I have hated for years, dating back to him laughing at the Bulls bench during games with the Pistons. So for a small moment in time I was a Celtic hater. Not because I hate Boston fans or the city of Boston and not because I hate the Celtics as a team, but because I did not like the vast majority of players they had. It did not help that they won game 7 in perhaps the best playoff series i have ever seen.

Before that i did not like the Knicks because of all the punks on the team and I did not like te pistons either. Both of those teams have rosters with players I think are good so I take no issue with the Pistons or Knicks anymore. The Celtics still bother me a bit, but whatever.

This brings me to the Heat. I do not hate Miami or the Heat as a franchise and I know I have said a few thing lately that might make this sentence seem false, but I really have no issue with all of that stuff. I simply do not like the top three players on the team. It is that simple. Here are my reasons for hating.

LeBron James. I sat on my coach and watched the "Decision" just like everyone else. Word was out that he was going to sign with the Heat, but I still held out hope that he would say Chicago. I sat there like a kid with my older brother watching a well and hoped and dreamed of what could be. I looked past the hate I already felt for him for all his dancing on the court and no shaking of hands against the Magic, because I thought the Bulls might land him. I am a fan just like everyone else. Then when he said "South Beach" I knew it was over. I was not mad at LeBron for saying no to the Bulls. It was not until I saw the reaction from Cleveland that I realized how crappy it was to go on TV, on your own show, to tell the fans of Cleveland that you are leaving. that was a very low blow and showed not a bit of class. This is when he became my number one target over Rajonda Rondo (Yes, "Rojonda"! He was born with both male and female parts you know.). You see LeBron in a way is a capsule of what is wrong with the NBA today. He is so self-serving that he does not see that it is the fans that matter. He lacks class and comes off as an ego-driven monster. Now some will say he jointed the Heat because he was not selfish, but that is garbage. He will still put up the stats and in a few seasons Wade will begin to fade and LeBron will be averaging 30 points a night again. He joined the Heat simply to get championships because he knew he could not do it on his own and he tried. The underlining drive was not sacrificing for a greater cause (winning rings as a team) as many fans like to point out, but simply because LeBron wants rings and made a choice that would get him those rings. In short he took the easy road instead of sticking with his hometown team and making it happen there. In the end it is all about him and his rings, not about a the team. We all know now that it cannot be about the team with LeBron. If it was he never would have left Cleveland. The Cavaliers did have some good teams and they did try to build around him. Some will say they failed, but when you look at the last few additions you could see they were trying. I thought the Shaq and Jamison moves put them over the top, and they won a ton of games, but still LeBron could not carry them. I digress. The bottomline is that Lebron is still up to his ego-driven stunts like his new TV ad were he asks " What should I have done" and takes gabs at all his critics. He continues to show no class or tact and he is the main reason I dislike the Heat.

Dwyane Wade. You would think living in Chicago that i would love the home town hero, but I do not. Yes, he is a great player, just like Lebron, but when he made uneducated remarks about the Bulls organization it pissed me off. He stated that the Bulls do not retain prior players and allow them to grow within the organization. What a load of crap. Just because Michael Jordan is an owner of the Bobcats and not the Bulls does not validate this stupid lie. The Bulls have plenty of previous players working for the team. John Paxson is VP, Scottie Pippen is an ambassador for the team. The late greats Norm Van Lier and Johnny Red Kerr were both long time broadcasters that left us a couple years back. Stacy King and Bill Wennington are now both broadcasters for the Bulls and Bob love is always working for the Bulls. Even Adrian Griffin is an assistant coach and B.J. Armstrong was a longtime head scout. Wade's remarks were backhanded and only an attempt to lure LeBron and bosh away from the Bulls. He sold out on his hometown. To add injury to insult he then went to the Bulls and made it appear he was interested in signing with them this offseason only to shift the Bulls focus away from Bosh and LeBron. He is a snake oil salesman and a turncoat.

Chris Bosh. hard to hate on a guy that goofy looking but I do anyways. I do not so much hate him as I do lebron and Wade to a lesser extent, but Bosh still rubs me wrong. the guy always claimed over and over that a contender could be built around him but he never could manage it. Even after the Raptors added some nice players he could not lead them to the playoffs. Still he thought he was worth a max deal without question. That is another problem with the league today. Player way overvaluing themselves. Only about 10 players are worth max deals if you ask me. So my real issue with Bosh is that he has this ego that he is the best power forward in the game and that he could be the main man on a championship team, yet he simply followed Lebron and Wade around in the offseason like a lost dog. As much as Kevin Garnett bugs me from time to time, I would still take him in a 7 game series over Bosh at the drop of a hat.

So there you have it. I do not hate Miami or the Heat as a team, but rather the 3 stars on the team. I am sorry for letting myself wander from my hate for those three players and to start picking on a great city and fanbase like Miami.

I vow to never make a thread again attacking the city of Miami or it's fans. I will simply stomach my hate from now on. Sure I will still point out Lebron classless antics and such, but I will move away from focusing on the team and focus more on why I think players like LeBron are giving the NBA a bad name.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant. I will pose a few questions for all of you.

Am I alone here in this Player Hater vs Team Hater thing? Do you you hate certain players but not so much the team? or are there just certain teams you hate no matter who is on the roster? I am more of the former. I hate based of certain players and not so much certain teams. Thoughts?
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Playoff Success vs Player Loyalty

          Never before has the NBA sat at such a crossroads. I do not want to attempt to beat a dead horse here but I want to explore the inner minds and workings of this summers free agent class. With so much superpower available this summer the landscape of our beloved NBA is surely at stake. All fans are holding their breaths as their own team may go from a contender to a heap of crap with the stroke of a pen. Still others, like myself, are sweating from places they knew not existed in anticipation of a team altering signing.
           However, much balances on each of these free agents success in this seasons Playoffs. Never before has so much been riding on a team making it deep into the playoffs. Every Playoff series won is another cog added to the machine that will allow certain teams to retain the services of their Superstar. Every victory in theory becomes an increase in the percent chance that a player may resign. I thought this correlation needed to be explored a bit more. I have been thinking about this a lot over the past few days and even made up a few different charts that dive into this question. Now these are just my opinions below and I would love to see your feedback.

          Below are listed the top free agents for this summer and the percent chance they will leave for another teams based on how far they make it into the playoffs.

LeBron James. Lose 1st round=100%. Lose 2nd round=100%. Lose Conference Finals=60%. Lose Finals=25%. Win Championship=0%.
          Of all the free agents LeBron must cause the greatest concern for his fanbase in Cleveland. The Cavaliers almost have to win it all in my opinion to keep James in the fold. He is clearly the best of all the free agents and if the Cavs lose him they will become just an average team and that is it. James wants to become a legend. He will make it to the Hall of Fame as it is, but to be considered a legend in the likes of Jordan, Russell, Magic, Wilt, and Bird, he will have to add rings to his fingers. It looks like the Cavaliers have built the best team they can around him. Adding Shaq and Jamison were both solid moves and look like forward progress, but LeBron wants nothing to do with progress anymore. He wants what Kobe has. Rings and lots of them. he sat on the sideline and watched as the Bulls took out his supporting cast a few nights ago, and he must start to question if there is a better mixture of talent out there for him to join. I am not saying he will sign with the Bulls, but the seed of doubt must be planted. If he does not win the Finals I say the percentage is very high that he will leave.

Dwyane Wade. Lose 1st round=80%. Lose 2nd round=50%. Lose Conference Finals=30%. Lose Finals=10%. Win Championship=0%
          You will begin to notice a common theme here. If a free agent wins the finals they will stay. This is the case for all the free agents on my list except Boozer I will break down later. Wade is a big question mark to me. I just cannot put my fingure on him as to his thinking. he seems to love south beach and that might be hard to leave behind, but if this team does not make it far into the playoffs he has to start wondering. He could also stay with the Heat knowing that another star free agent is on the way. This would be the dagger for other teams trying to entice Wade to join them. Wade may have already talked to another of the free agents. We do not really know what goes on behind closed doors. The fact that Miami has the money to retain Wade and sign another max deal makes Wade leaving seem doubtful, but again you never know.

Chris Bosh. Miss Playoffs=100%. Lose 1st round=100%. Lose 2nd round=80%. Lose Conference Finals=40%. Lose Finals=20%. Win Championship=0%.
          The Raptors may not even make the Playoffs and the only way I see Bosh staying in Canada is if they reach the Finals and that will never happen. Bosh is as good as gone. There is no reason to stick around. Toronto has not done a good job of building a team around him. Adding Turk last summer has not worked out at all and while the Raptors do have some nice talent they lack toughness and that is what is needed to reach the next level. The Raptors with bosh simply are not contenders and Bosh knows this now. He almost has to leave. So say goodbye to Bosh Raptor fans because he is packing his bags as I am typing these words.

Amar'e Stoudemire. Lose 1st round=100%. Lose 2nd round=80%. Lose Conference Fianls=40%. Lose Finals=10%. Win Championship=0%.
          Stat is playing for a contract right now and any fan that has been around the NBA for any amount of time knows that. he is not playing at the level he is right now because he wants the Suns to win it all, but rather he is playing for the money. At the begining of the season most thought that Amar'e was not worth a max contract and I would wager that Amar'e thought the same thing. Now he is playing at the highest level we have seen in a long time. I remember when many coined him the best center in the league and then after Dwight Howard grew up he was a close second. He has not been that player the last couple of seasons but suddenly he is playing like a MVP. He will sign with whatever team is willing to hand him the most money.

Joe Johnson. Lose 1st round=75%. Lose 2nd round=50%. Lose Conference Finals=25%. Lose Finals=10%. Win Championship=0%.
          Joe Johnson is already in a good spot. He is on a young team with players he knows well. They are young and still growing and have the ability as a team to become great by just making a couple of smaller moves to add needed depth. Johnson might have to see his team get cremated for him to question leaving. There is however always the question of money these days and I could see Johnson jump ship if his team cannot make it past the 2nd round. Also there are quite a few teams with the money to offer max contracts and while Johnson may not really be max contract worthy he may be able to land that kind of money from a desperate team.

Carlos Boozer. Lose 1st round=100%. Lose 2nd round=90%. Lose Conference Finals=70%. Lose Finals=50%. Win Championship=25%.
          I truly feel that Boozer is in his last season with the Jazz. He is a bridge burner to say the least and seems to not think things out before he speaks. You should never tell people you want to leave in the way Boozer did when he said he wanted to go to Miami. There is no better way to have your fanbase turn on you. It also makes other fans of other teams not want you. Boozer has as many issues in his head as he does with his body but the one thing I do know is that he will be leaving the Jazz. The only way I see him staying is if the Jazz make it to the WCFs of even the Finals and only if Boozer is a big part of this success. Even then however I see him following the money.

         So there you have it. My breakdown of this summers festivities. Here is my overall list of who will leave their team in order of most likely to least likely.

1. Chris Bosh
2. Carlos Boozer
3. Amar'e Stoudemire
4. LeBron James
5. Joe Johnson
6. Dwyane Wade

Here is my list of teams these six are most likely to sign with if they do leave their own team in order of most likely to least likely.

1. Chris Bosh- 1.Bulls. 2.Knicks. 3.Heat
2. Carlos Boozer- 1.Heat. 2.Nets. 3.Knicks
3. Amar'e Stoudemire- 1.Knicks. 2.Heat. 3.Nets
4. LeBron James- 1.Knicks. 2.Bulls. 3.Heat
5. Joe Johnson- 1.Knicks. 2.Bulls. 3.Nets
6. Dwyane Wade- 1.Bulls. 2.Knicks. 3.Nets
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Bulls Might Still make the Playoffs.

         At this point there is really no reason for the Bulls to not try and make a push into the 8th and final spot in the east. Losing will not move them into the bottomline 10 in the league and therefore secure there lottery pick from the Bucks who have the rights to swap picks. The Bulls have an uphill battle however but they do have a strong history of finishing out seasons strong and slipping into the playoffs. Let's take a look at what needs to happen.

           First and formost Derrick Rose is going to have to step it up and play like not just and allstar, but a superstar. We need to see a lot more of the 27-7-8 that we saw against the Rockets. Derrick needs to score to make up for Deng sitting on the bench. The Bottomline is that the Bulls fate is rested on this young rising superstar's shoulders. Can he step up to the challenge?
          A close second in order of importance is the Bulls having a healthy Joakim Noah. With a healthy Noah and a determined Rose the Bulls can upset anyteam in the NBA. Without Noah the Bulls simply are below average, but look at what he can do with even 10 or 12 minutes. If he can start playing around 20 minutes strong in the last ten games then the Bulls have a real chance of sneaking into the playoffs. Taj Gibson has had a great year but he cannot be asked to fill in for Noah at this point. Brad Miller is flat out getting old. He looks good in small stretches and that is all the Bulls can ask of the savvy veteran.
          As is stands the Raptors are sitting at 35-36, while the Bulls are 34-38. The Bulls have 10 games left while the Raptors have 11. The Bulls simply need to win two more games then the Raptors to finish out the season. The Raptors hold the tiebreaker so the Bulls need a better ending record. A tie would mean the end of the season for the Bulls. 
         Of the ten games remaining for the Bulls only 3 or 4 look like sure losses. The Suns, Cavaliers, Celtics, and perhaps the Bucks will pose serious challenges. The other 6 games include the Pistons, Wizards, Bobcats twice, Nets, and the Raptors. The Raptors schedule looks about the same. They have the Cavaliers, Hawks, Celtics, and Heat to deal with.
          It is the home stretch and crunch-time. It is time for a team's star or stars to shine and lift their teams up and carry them. The Raptors have Bosh and we have Rose. The Bulls are at a disadvantage but there is still hope and if the Bulls can get it together and turn back into the team they were a month ago then they have a real shot.
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Official "I Dont Want Wade on the Bulls" Blog.

          That is it. I am making it official. I do not want Dwyane Wade to join the Chicago Bulls. Call me what you will, but I have to stand my ground on this one. I understand that Wade is likely to remain with the Miami Heat anyways, but there has been and will continue to be Bulls fans dreaming about Wade returning home to Chicago. Listen up people. Wade is not the right fit for Chicago. He is not what the Bulls need to contend either and contending is what it is all about. You want to know my reasoning? Let us take a look.

1. Wade and Rose are to much alike.
I am not saying that Derrick Rose is as good as Wade. I am not a fool, but they have similar games. Both are at their best with the ball in their hands making plays and driving to the hoop. I really think that Rose will become a player close to the level that Wade is now. Maybe not next season but by his fouth season I think Rose will be a solid 25-5-5 player or something close. A backcourt of Wade and Rose looks great on paper, but there would be serious chemistry problems. Who handle the ball? The Bulls do not need a shooting guard the caliber of Wade to be successful. They can do very well and even contend with a SG that can hit a high percentage of jumpers and hit it from beyond the arc. A max contract player at the two spot is a waste.

2. Spend the money on a real need. The Bulls have more pressing needs then a shooting guard. They still need a low post scorer. They had Elton Brand and traded him for Tyson Chandler. Sad. Then they had LaMarcus Aldridge and traded him for Tyrus Thomas. Those two moves set the Bulls back big time. Had we just kept Aldridge the Bulls would be a top 4 team in the east right now. But I have to let the past go and look to the future. The Bulls need a post player and Chris Bosh is everything that the Bulls need. If the Bulls somehow move past the Raptors in the standing then Bosh might have to ask himself why he would not want to just sign with the Bulls in the summer. Adding Bosh to the Bulls by itself puts them ahead of the aging Celtics and perhaps the Hawks. The Bulls would be a top 3 team in the east and have a real shot at making it to the ECF and beyond. With Wade I think they would be a 45-50 win team. With Bosh they would be a 55+ win team. If the Bulls get Wade they will still have a huge hole in the paint that Joakim Noah just cannot fill.

3. Wade's health concerns me. Wade has yet to play a 82 game season. He never will either with the style of game he plays. He is bound to start wearing out as his injuries continue to mount over time. I truly believe it would be a mistake to sign Wade to a max contract over 5 seasons. What ever team does this will be taking a huge risk. I do not think Wade will be near the player he is now in five years.

4. Johnson>Wade for the Bulls. Yes, Wade is the better player of the two, but Joe Johnson is a much better fit for the Chicago Bulls. He is a great jump shooter with outstanding range and would be a perfect fit with Rose. Derrick could run the offense and drive and kick to Johnson and Deng all night long. Heck, I even think a shooter like Jamal Crawford or Kevin Martin would fit on the Bulls better then Wade and would allow the Bulls to still sign a bigman like perhaps David Lee.

The Bottomline is that I want Bulls fans to understand that while picking up Wade this summer would seem great, in reality it would hurt the Bulls longterm. He is a gamble due to a history of injuries and not the best player to pair with Derrick Rose. Our money could be spent more wisely.
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Deadline Dreams and Delusions...

    In a few days we will all be in the new year. The year 2010. With that change comes a shift in focus in the NBA for us fans. No longer are we trying to gauge were are teams stand because we have a good idea by now if they are contenders or pretenders. Now is the time to think about the wonderful thing called the deadline. For a team like my Bulls this is a very important time. Teams will begin making calls and deals will be discussed. Bad teams with little chemistry like my Bulls might make a move and add that player they have longed for. Contenders might add that veteran that puts them over the top, and some teams will dump contracts. The idea of this thread is to allow you to reply with your "Grand Delusion" trades for your team. Make them as crazy or realistic as you want. The only rule is that they work money-wise. Use the trade Machine if you need too. So here is my Dream senario for my Bulls.

     As it stand the Bulls are about 15+ million under the cap for this upcomming summer. I have two blockbuster trade ideas for the Bulls to make before the deadline that will setup a offseason signing of Dwyane Wade or LeBron James and make the Bulls an instant contender just like the Celtics were thrust into glory a few seasons back. Here are the two trades.
     1. Kirk Hinrich, Brad Miller, and future pick for Tracy McGrady. I must stress this right off the bat that McGrady would only be signed for cap space this summer and would not be part of the Bulls longterm plans. The Rockets would get Hinrich which could start at the shooting guard spot and would add a great defender to the already gritty Rockets. Miller is an expiring contract that would give the Rockets 12+ million in cap space to make their own offseason moves. The future pick would be next season 1st rounder. The Bulls will be a very good team next season if my next two moves happen so a 1st rounder next season would most likely be in the 20-25th pick range. Hopefully.
     2. Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, and this years 1st rounder for Chris Bosh. I understand that the Raptors already have Turk at SF, but I can see Turk and Deng on the floor at the same time at the forward spots or Deng could slip down and play the 2 spot with Turk and Thomas at the forwards. That could be very interesting with Calderon running things. The Raptors also would land a 1st rounder. With Bosh on board the Bulls would be a much better team and should make the playoffs, but they could still miss them giving the Raptors a lottery pick. Bulls would have their scoring bigman finally. Now if the Raptors say no way then the Bulls could make a similar trade offer to the Jazz for Carlos Boozer or the Timberwolves for Al Jefferson. Bulls would also not have their cap effected by this move as there would just be contracts moved around.
    3. Sign Dwyane Wade or LeBron James. With around 25 million in cap space and Bosh/Boozer/Jefferson on board the Bulls should be able to attract one of these two superstar. Chicago is a much bigger market then Cleveland or Miami and with a star bigman and young talents in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah they should be in the hunt for one of these two. Wade is the hometown hero but LeBron is a freak and is still very very young. Also, LeBron James is changing his number after the season right? He cannot wear #23 in Chicago right? James would be the perfect fit alongside Rose and Bosh. Now that is a contender. Bulls make the max offer and leave it up to LeBron and Wade. Also the Bulls would be able to offer a MLE to a player like Marcus Camby. I all could happen and the numbers work.
    0. Get a new Head Coach. I must backtrack a bit here and fire Vinny Del Negro. No player will want to sign with the Bulls if he is running things. Jerry Reinsdorf need only dish out the cash to his close friend Doug Collins. While Collins may not be the best coach out there he is a players coach and that should attract a Wade or LeBron.

Next seasons lineup:

PG Derrick Rose/Pargo
SG John Salmons
SF LeBron James
PF Chris Bosh/Taj Gibson
C Joakim Noah/Marcus Camby

Are you scared yet?

So what is your "Deadline Dreams and Delusions" for your team?
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Breaking Down the Bulls: Solution Time.

    OK, we have been here before, have we not? It is the same thing every year for us Bulls fans. A slow start followed by trade talks, followed by a trade, and lastly a surge into the playoffs and a exit in the first round. I think Paxson has done a fine job in the draft, except for the Aldridge for Thomas fiasco, but he has had really only two solid trades. last season with the Kings for Salmons and Miller and a few season ago when we unloaded Eddy Curry to New York for 2 lottery picks that turned into Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. The Bulls need to make a couple of bold moves this year for this team to make it to the next level and compete for the title. There are many way to do this but I will throw out one idea. So let us take a look.

    Why Wade is Wrong
. Many Bulls fans really want the Bulls to go after Wade this summer and there are some obvious reasons why this is an attractive option. First of all there is the fact that Wade is perhaps the best player in the whole NBA. That opinion is at least debatable. He is also from Chicago so there is the whole hometown hero thing going on, but if you ask me he is not the best fit for the Bulls. Infact I think he is not a very good fit at all. 
     He is not really a shooting guard but more a point guard. He controls the offense. What I am saying is he is a combo guard and we already have one of those in Derrick Rose. Infact, Rose and Wade are very much alike and as nice as it would look on paper having both on the floor at the same time, I just do not see it as a great combo. Both players are best with the ball in their hands and it is just that simple.
     I also fear a Wade injury and feel he would be a gamble in the longterm. A gamble that could land a Championship or two in Chicago perhaps or years a misery if he were to get hurt. I say there are better option and even less expensive options for Chicago that just might work out better.
     Now on the off chance that the Heat would be willing to sign and trade Wade to Chicago for Derrick Rose and another player I would be just fine with that. Bottomline is that I have no issue with Dwyane Wade as a player, I just do not see him and Rose being a great combo like others do.

     The Deadline Trade. If the Raptors remain just an OK team come the deadline then Toronto may be forced to move Chris Bosh rather then loose him for nothing this upcomming summer. This is common knowledge I understand. In my eyes the Bulls and Pistons have the best bait to make a deal. The Warriors have some solid parts as well. I think the Bulls could make a solid offer with Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, and their first round pick which could very well be a lottery pick for Bosh. The Raptors would gain a solid starting small forward in Deng that is having a career season thus far, a young freakish talent in Thomas, and a pick. This is often the formula a team is looking for when they are going to deal their best player. The Bulls could also have expiring contracts to offer as well, but I think Toronto would rather have players as it will be hard for them to sign free agents without Bosh on the roster. This would be the first part of the puzzle. Bosh would finally give the Bulls the scoring bigman they always needed and perfect match for Joakim Noah in the paint. That is a bigman combo that works well in my mind. Scoring and defense.

     Da Coach. I do not hate or love Vinny Del Negro. He is young and could turn into a solid head coach one day, but this young team needs a veteran coach to lead them. Mike D'Antoni was really not the right match but there are a few solid choices out there right now and at the top of my wish list is Byron Scott. He is young but has great experience and he was a guard as a player and that would be helpful to Derrick Rose and his growth. Scott is the Head Coach I wish Vinny could end up being so why not go after him now? Spend some money on a Coach Jerry!

   The Right Offseason Move. With Bosh on board the Bulls need to then shift their focus to a scorer on the outside to pair with Rose. I think the best choice for the job is Joe Johnson. With Deng gone Johnson would become the Bulls clear number one scorer with Bosh as the number 2 and Rose the drive and kick machine setting everthing up. Salmons would be better suited as a fourth or fifth option as the starting small forward. Noah would be a putback king. I really feel that Johnson is just a better fit then Wade with Rose and the whole idea is to build a team around Rose right? Who better to do that with then an Allstar level shooting guard and power forward.
     With Johnson and Bosh in the mix the Bulls would be a target for older veteran players looking for that last chance at a ring. The Bulls may even be able to pick up a solid player in this manner to give themselves some depth. This would be the Bulls roster going into next season:

PG: Derrick Rose/Kirk Hinrich/Pargo
SG: Joe Johnson/Kirk Hinrich
SF: John Salmons/James Johnson
PF: Chris Bosh/Taj Gibson
C: Joakim Noah/Free Agent?

     In Closing
. These moves would give the Bulls a great starting lineup with chemistry. They would have an inside out game with Rose and Bosh. Bosh's inside scoring would open up th outside for shooters like Joe Johnson, Kirk Hinrich, and Salmons. Noah would protect the paint and be a double double machine. The only true weakness this team would have is depth. Hinrich and Gibson are the only good backups. The Bulls would have to hope they could land a good veteran for a minimum contract to stretch the effectiveness of the Bulls' bench.
     Do you think that this is a solid approach to fixing this team or do you have another option? I would love hear your thoughts. Do you think the Bosh trade is feasible or a longshot? Is Wade a better fit then Johnson?
Posted on: December 13, 2009 1:00 pm

Chris Bosh 4 Luol Deng.

   It has been long rumored and talked about. That is some sort of trade between the Bulls and the Raptors that would send Chris Bosh to Chicago to play alongside Derrick Rose. The issue has always been what is a fair deal for the Raptors? Well both teams are not playing very well with the Bulls looking very sad if you ask me. Something has got to give. Bosh will walk this summer if the Raptors do not pull it together and it looks as if the Raptors will miss the playoffs again. The season is young and both teams could finish strong but the bottomline is that both teams are not contenders and Toronto is in jeopardy of losing Bosh for nothing. Here are a few interesting trade scenarios. Vote on which one looks the best to you, or come up with your own.

Option 1.
Chris Bosh to Chicago for Luol Deng and John Salmons. In this trade the Bulls would be giving up to starters for one and is a very solid offer if you ask me. Some might say too solid. Luol Deng is healthy and playing his best basketball yet. He will be the center of any Bulls offer. Bulls would be wise to trade Deng while he has value due to his large longterm deal. This deal might scare away most teams, but the Raptors would at least have a solid player stuck in Toronto for the next few years.

Option 2. Chris Bosh to Chicago for Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas. Thomas' days in Chicago may be over as he sits with a broken arm. He has had an oil and water realationship with the Bulls brass from day 1. However, Tyrus is a stud and a paint protecting wizard with upside. The Raptors again would gain two starters.

Option 3. Chris Bosh to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich. Tyrus would be a poor replacement for Bosh but in time Tyrus could still prove to be a 15 and 10 power forward. Hinrich would give the Raptors a great backup guard that can play defense which is some thing the Raptors need.

Option 4.Chris Bosh to Chicago for Luol Deng and Jerome James. Toronto lands Deng and an expiring contract worth 6.6 million.

Option 5. Chris Bosh to Chicago for Brad Miller and Tyrus Thomas. Miller is a huge expiring contract worth 12.2 million. This would be a money saving option for Toronto for sure, but many teams are trying to free up money these days. However, the Raptors would have trouble landing any free agents with no Bosh on the team. They are better off getting solid players in a trade then free agency.

So, do you think any of these trades look good? If so, which one? Do you have your own trade ideas for the Bulls and Raptors?
Posted on: August 14, 2009 11:13 pm

Top 5 Most Unpredictable Teams

     While trying to work on another Blog about my thoughts on the top 10 teams going into the season I quickly started thinking about how some teams going into this season are so hard to figure out. On one hand these teams could be quite good if not great but at the same time I would not be shocked if they laid an egg this season. So I thought it would be fun to list my top 5 unpredictable teams going into the new season and get your feedback. Every season seems to have those teams that make you scatch your head and I thought it might be an interesting topic. So let us take a look.

1. Wizards.
To me this is a team that can go so many ways. If healthy this team could not only make the playoffs after having a season in which they won only 19 games, but could potentially knock off a contender in the playoffs like the Celtics, Magic, or Cavaliers. If Gilbert Arenas is back like all reports are saying then the Wizards could pick up right where they left off a few seasons ago. The additions of Mike Miller and Randy Foye give this team depth and if Caron Butler plays anything like he was to close out the season then the Wizards will have a great big 3 with Butler, Arenas, and Jamison. On the other hand Arenas or Butler could reinjure themselves and this team could be a bottom feeder again. Worst-case: 25 wins. Best-case: 55 wins.

2. Raptors. Well they managed to only win 33 games last season but finished pretty strong. Overall they underachieved on a grand scale. I thought with Bosh, Marion, and Calderon that they were going to be a top 5 team in the east last season but I was way wrong and so were many others. Now Marion is gone but they have replaced him with the sharp shooting and versatile Hedo Turkoglu. In many ways Turk is the anti-Marion. Turk is not a good defender and relies strongly on his offensive game. This might be an issue as Chris Bosh is not an outstanding defender and the Raptors really have nobody to defend the post very well. With all of that said however this team have a lot of talent. Andrea Bargnani is starting to come into his own and this team should be able to put up some points. Worst-case: 30 wins. Best-case: 50 wins.

3. Bulls. This is my own team and I am not sure what to expect. I have seen a lot of different opinions on the Bulls on these boards so far this summer and the only thing I can gather is that nobody knows what they will do this season. The Bulls lost Ben Gordon who some think was the Bulls best player and that the Bulls will have trouble to score and will miss the playoffs. Other stand by the notion of addition by subtraction and that BG hurt the Bulls flow on offense and the growth of Derrick Rose. I lean towards the later. Maybe it is because I am a Bulls fan. I think John Salmons at the shooting guard spot with Hinrich as the third guard just makes the Bulls bigger and better on defense. If Luol Deng is healthy and can return to his 18 and 8 ways then things could be good in Chicago. Worst-case: 32 wins. Best-case: 48 wins

4. Grizzlies. This team can only get better right? I do not know. I think O.J. Mayo is a great player in the making and Marc Gasol is a stud. Rudy Gay is a solid go to guy and if Zach Randolph pans out then this team could steal a few games. Will they make it to the playoffs in the west? No chance. Could they be a .500 team? Maybe. The real issue is that this team is so young but they added a 20 and 10 player to score in the paint and draw doubles. They have shooters to create an inside out game.The X-factor has to be Hasheem Thabeet. I do not think much of him but I could be wrong. If he can grab rebounds and block shots then this team might have a bright future. Worst-case: 26 wins. Best-case: 41 wins

5. 76ers.
What a kick to the crotch it was to Philadelphia when Elton Brand went out with an injury. Many had the 76ers as the 3rd best team in the east going into last season. On paper they were great. They were young and up and coming. Elton Brand was that final part that would make the 76ers a contender for the first time since Larry Brown was coach. Well it is time to take 2 on this team except this time they do not have the savvy Andre Miller running the offense so that could be an issue. This team does have some depth and Thaddeus Young is looking like the real deal. Now if only Iggy could reach that next level that we all thought he would. Worst-case: 37 Wins. Best-case: 50 wins

Honorable Mentions: Warriors, Pistons, Mavericks, and Hornets.

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